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The all-new SharePoint 2019 attracts customers with 6 new added features:

The preview version launch of Sharepoint 2019 in the previous week left the public with a taste of innovation in their mouths and left them yearning for more. The launch exhibited a couple of additional features which were promised earlier and a word to wait for more. The same was reflected in the update by Bill Baer, the senior technical manager who said that the launch was just the beginning.

sharepoint 2019

The launch did not follow suit with the launches of Sharepoint 2016 and 2013 and spared the ruckus, which can be contributed to one reason that the updates are usually better versions of the already existing features, which is a Microsoft trend. Bill also mentioned that although 2019 will open new and modern features for the intuitive as well as the familiar user, people should not expect something extravagant as it is much similar to the core 2016 version.

Though the SharePoint o premises version still continue to retain and be popular among the customers as per a joint Sharegate-Nintex 2017 survey, there are also a couple of features that have been bid adieu to; to make way for the new ones to come in. The list of features that have been added to SharePoint 2019 for an enhanced customer experience are:

1: SharePoint Home Page: Allowing users for easily finding and accessing SharePoint sites within the organizations, including news from these and other suggested sites. This feature also allows the user to create sites from the home page if the administrator has enabled the ability to do so.

2: Lists and Libraries: Containing modern experiences for lists and libraries in team sites which bring the experience at par with SharePoint Online. This feature has been optimized for most common tasks such as moving files and pinning documents, adding files to links, applying filters and the like.

3: New Team, Site Pages: Communication pages which offer a platform for sharing news, displaying stories or broadcasting messages to other people. The new hero web part enables a display of upto five items including images, links and texts to focus on important content.

4: New Pages: Built using web parts, the new pages can be customized as per user needs. Adding documents, embedding videos, site activities, Yammer feeds, using Excel, PowerPoint and other Office tools are namely some features that would be enabled in these pages.

5: Modern Search Experience: Coming with an experience which helps them with common search results and updates the results once they start typing. The search results page in SharePoint 2019 shows compelling overview of search results which are grouped by type.

6: Lists: Providing individuals and teams the flexibility to access, share and collaborate around structured data and to bring information from others into SharePoint, business processes will be getting a huge support with this added feature. This feature simplifies the user experience in creating, curetting and interacting with information.

In addition to the discussed features, also there were a couple of features in the previous versions that will not be seen in SharePoint 2019 which are the Aggregate Newsfeed,     Custom Help, SharePoint Designer 2013, Multi-Tenancy, Visio Services and Code- based sandbox solutions.

Microsoft Inspire, Las Vegas 2018

Day 1 at Microsoft Inspire, Las Vegas

The 1st day at Microsoft Inspire, the largest annual meet conducted by Microsoft, year after year for its network partners to gather on one platform and review as well as ready for the next insights from Microsoft and also to broaden the community’s understanding of its services and products and brainstorm on ideas and solutions that can be offered to the customers around the globe to be able to use the available services in an increasingly efficient manner was a feast for the eyes. With the largest gathering of IT brains all across the world, the event presented the numerous partners and employees who traveled from lands near and far a plethora of opportunities than ever wherein everyone gathered in the T-Mobile Arena to hear to the world leaders talk about how Microsoft technologies and services were being channeled y the partners and global entrepreneurs to bring innovation and ease the life of customers and change business perspectives through intelligent transformation  across borders.

Microsoft Inspire 2018

The focus was also on the upcoming financial year 2019 on how industry specific solutions and customer centric policies and updates that would not only help acquire new customers and businesses but also help retain the previous clientele. New strategies, enhanced training methodologies and readiness opportunities for the new players that come into the market and anchor themselves with Microsoft technologies which would give them the much needed base for growth in the industry.

The evening also witnessed great insights from Gavriella Schuster, Corporate Vice president, One Commercial Partner, about programs, tools and resources that would help partners to rejuvenate as well as differentiate their business with the help of latest Microsoft technologies and updates.

 Day 2nd  Microsoft Inspire, Las Vegas

Corenote, about to start at 8.30 AM Pacific Time was filled with activities and similar sessions  with opportunities to connect with active partner communities at the Community Hub. Shuttle services from the hotels started from as early as 6 AM. With resources available to book meeting spaces and also tools that allow booking face-to- face meetings with other attendees till a maximum 9 members per meeting.  Also the meeting could be reserved for available slots at the MyInspire meeting tables or any other alternate locations. The Happy Hours in The Commons started from 5 PM to 7 PM that provided unparalleled opportunity to meet up fellow partners and Microsoft Ready Attendees.

Day 3rd  Microsoft Inspire, Las Vegas

that concluded the Corenote at Las Vegas, Nevada was made all the more worth it by the  address of Satya Nadella that enlightened the audience comprising of partners and employees on how Microsoft planned to harp on its mission of empowering every person and organization on the planet to achieve more using its latest technologies such as the Microsoft Intelligent Cloud and Microsoft Intelligent Edge.  There were talks by Microsoft Solution area leaders who spoke about new resources and assets that aided delivery of strong Modern Life Solutions with stories from customers all around the world that showed how Microsoft 365 enabled employees to bring in more innovation and creativity into the workspace. Also, the day included details about the expansion of the Azure platform that enabled improvisation across multiple domains.

Enamoring the event were performances from Grammy Award Winner Bruno Mars at One Celebration, Las Vegas Motor Speedway which added to the quotient of entertainment, networking and fun of the event. With the event in full swing, Microsoft also added to the excitement by putting up 10 new announcements which have already started creating ripples in the market and the results of these announcements would be soon seen in numbers. The announcements put forth by Microsoft are as listed below

  • New marketplace capabilities such as Integrated Partner to Partner Solutions that will help channels grow their business with sales and deployment.
  • Expansion of Private Offers in Azure Marketplace that will help partners move away from standard prices, offer better buying prices to customers who in turn achieve a unique buying experience and meet their buying needs.
  • Special Bootcamps and free access to the dynamic self service for partners, including business insights which would help them get a better understanding of the business apps and enable them to understand performance and stability of their business.
  • Microsoft also announced advanced specialization and services for its partners that would help them go the extra mile and boost their profitability.
  • The Azure Expert MSP or Managed Service Provider program which begun as a pilot program earlier this year has been introduced by Microsoft for their partners who stand out of the crowd by demonstrating extra ordinary skills in delivering consistent Managed Services in Azure
  • Market Benefits Package: Helping its partners build market practices that are more targeted and help partners to select from four business packages depending on their business focus in the later part of the year.
  • New Apps and Technologies for Azure: Announcements regarding the launch of Azure Data Box Disk and Azure Firewall and Azure Virtual WAN. These innovations seem quite promising when it comes to data transfer within organizations as well as compliance policies.
  • Microsoft 365 Updates: Announcing the availability of Microsoft Teams collaboration app as a free version in the Office 365 suite. Also, an additional feature of Workplace Analytics was added that would help teams discover and meet challenges.
  • Updates on Software as Services: Releasing updates on a lot many services from its plethora of services such as Azure IoT Central which would in turn support for Power BI and Microsoft Flow to enable real time intelligence visualization.
  • Expansion of the Microsoft Library of free playbooks with two new additions to help its partners build practices in new arenas which would serve as guidelines for managing and developing cloud practices.

7 years of Nintex Partners Awards… Bitscape – Finalist for 2018 Business Acceleration



Continuing with the legacy that they have created almost 7 years back, Nintex is back once again with a list of finalists for its Nintex Partner Awards for this year soon to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Reaching out to companies that have optimally used the Nintex Platform and have demonstrated the versatility and the flexibility that can be achieved through Intelligent Process Automation, Nintex has been recognizing and felicitating organizations that have been helping clients in improvising their business processes through development of customized services and solutions.

With the Nintex Partner Awards night scheduled on the 15th July, the list of finalists is already out with 3 organizations from the Americas, EMEA and APAC across four categories that include: Business Excellence, Business Acceleration, Customer Success and Regional Spotlight.

Based on the innovative solutions that are provided, these companies have been able to make it to the list of finalists for these awards and are being recognized by Nintex as channel partners. The fruitful solutions they have provided in helping organizations improvise on their work and make the actual difference in streamlining processes at the bottom line itself and has actually pushed these companies to stand out among the crowd and make their place in this esteemed list.

A proud member of this list, Bitscape Infotech Pvt Ltd from USA has also made it to this list in the category of Business Acceleration for the Asia Pacific region and is one among the strong contenders for the award. Whilst everyone awaits for the names to be announced in a gala dinner night on the 15th July 2018 at Las Vegas, Nevada, it actually makes an immense difference with the progress that these organizations have led to by pushing one step at a time and inculcating latest technologies in day to day working environment.



Collaborate on Visio files inside Microsoft Teams

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With Microsoft as always leading the IT sector in giving latest updates and innovations, it is time again that we heard of something new and worthwhile that actually makes a difference. The concept of Microsoft Teams that adds up to the overall experience of Microsoft 365 is a complete 360 degree change in the methods that teams work. Bringing an ease in the method of file sharing, online chats, live interactions and much more, Microsoft Teams is bringing a paradigm change in the work culture of multiple organisations that looked forward to a single platform for total inter company interactions and an increase in the overall working pace of the organisation.

How Bitscape helps: With complete work culture integration on a single platform, our team of technical experts guide you on creating a hassle free micro environment for easy file sharing and much more, thus facilitating internal communication and accelerating tasks that earlier increased TAT. Sharing of audio, videos, documents, group communications, screens and more of media communication makes it comparatively easier for managers and employees to work, share and delegate tasks. Passionate about our work and enthusiastic about creating solutions, our team is available round the clock and hence is easily accessible to reach out for quick guidance and support.

With such latest developments and expertise available to assist through these new advancements, Work cultures are bound to experience a magnanimous change this leading to more organisational benefits and improved outputs.


Microsoft, the biggest player in the domain has acquired GitHub

Going with the Latest news that has come up as no less than a quake in the IT Sector, Microsoft, the biggest player in the domain has acquired GitHub,  the world’s largest community forum of developers and coders with a whopping number of 28M developers an 85M repositories worldwide. While there are mixed reactions from the community of developers with GitHub regarding this acquisition, it is more or less being seen as a welcome change as the community is already catering to huge organizations such as Google and Facebook for high end developing projects and the M&A with Microsoft will be no less than a jackpot for the developer community if things go the smooth way. The deal that has cost Microsoft a good $7.5bn will surely aim making the coder community more leveraged and powerful than earlier and getting a lot more work on a global level into their kitty.

Whilst some of the inmates are of the view that the acquisition of the 10 year old forum was inevitable and are sad about it, some are positive that it is Microsoft that took the step and has now access to the largest code repositories and developers on a single platform. Though that means that Microsoft has added a major chunk to its already existing people that it is now responsible for, developers and coders are in the hope that the cultural changes that would come into picture with Microsoft stepping in would be radical and might take some time to spread out to the entire community.

Although there has been no clarity yet on how the humungous data would be used by Microsoft and how it plans to reap on its investment, but surely the IT Giant would not plan such a strong step until it has some strategic benefits for  them in the near future as well as in the long run. This has also brought up a question that whether companies such as Facebook, Google, Linked, Apple, etc. would continue to be regularly associated with GitHub as earlier now that Microsoft is also involved in the picture. While this unfolds at a not so gradual pace, the best way to know what will happen and what major changes this might cause in the IT Sector is to wait for things to happen and then make the most of it.

Power BI is the Perfect Security Partner in Corporate Data Sharing Processes

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With technology advancing at an unprecedented pace today, it has become essential for corporations to ensure optimal security when it comes to sharing confidential corporate reports and other such information. Bitscape offers consulting services for Microsoft Power BI platform,  so you can get the perfect solution to your business data analysis and sharing needs.

 What is MS Power BI?

Simply speaking, the Microsoft Power BI platform allows you to share, provide access and secure reports and dashboards created by you, with other authorized users only. This is the efficient way today of providing limited/complete, access to users, depending on the level of their role.

The Microsoft Power BI security system is the perfect tool to improve your business performance. It allows you to create analytics, and get deeper insight into your market, to make smart, profitable business decisions. With the Power BI platform now you can achieve the optimal level of data security in sharing sensitive corporate dashboards and reports, like never before.

The Security in Power BI Structure

Each Power BI system consists of two clusters:

  1. Web Front End (WFE) – This cluster is responsible for managing the initial connection and authentication procedure for the Power BI Suite. It uses AAD authentication process for clients, and provides tokens to help connect directly with the Power BI service. The ATM (Azure Traffic Manager) is then used to direct user traffic to the nearest datacenter efficiently, using the DNS record of the clients. The Azure CDN (Content Delivery Network) is used to share the necessary non-dynamic content and files with the client/users, according to their specific geographical location.
  2. Back End (BE) – This cluster helps clients with authentication to successfully interact with the various Power BI services. It helps to manage user dashboards, visualizations, reports, data connection, data sets, data storage and other interactive aspects of the Power BI Suite. The user requests for access to any content or file is handles with the Gateway Role, which is the sole role that the user will interact directly with while using the Power BI service. The Gateway Role, in turn, is operated by the Azure API Management tool.


Salient Benefits of using Power BI Security

These are top three benefits that are seen when you employ MS Power BI for corporate data storage, access and security purposes:

Secure Data Storage

The restricted direct user-access through Power BI is probably the best security feature in this service suite. The Power BI security procedure allows users to interact directly only with the Gateway Role and Azure API Management, while the rest of the aspects of Power BI, such as Presentation Role, Data Role, Background Job Processing Role and Data Movement Role are out of the user’s reach.

Any form of data sent to the Power BI storage, is stored and managed using two different components:

  • Azure BLOB – This stores all data uploaded by the users.
  • Azure SQL Database – This stores and manages artifacts of the system and all metadata files.

This clear demarcation for user-accessibility to the different components of the Power BI allows it to effectively keep all user data and corporate information stored in MS Azure safe and completely secure.

Excellent User Authentication

The AAD (Azure Active Directory) is used by the Power BI for authenticating users, as soon as they login, as well as when requesting access to any data or content in the storage. A simple email address is needed to login to the Power BI services, as this inherently becomes your Username on the system too.

Apart from this excellent authentication procedure, the Power BI security platform also allows adding customized AAD-based security protocols, enhancing multi-tenant system security and improving your network security effectively.

Successful Service Security

Normally, users are responsible for sharing data. In case a user logs-in with their effective Username, and share any content (dataset, dashboard, etc) they are connected to within the specific data source, the shared data is not restricted by conventional restriction measures.

Only connections with SQL Server Analysis Services, through On-Premises Data Gateway, are able to cache dashboards in Power BI. If the user wishes to allow access to other users to the underlying data, then such an authentication can also be granted.

BITSCAPE has been a prominent provider of Microsoft, especially the Azure cloud-based services at a global scale. The company is renowned for offering the best and most effective IT solutions for small and large corporate clients.

Know the Power of Power BI Designing Visuals

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Data assimilation doesn’t simply end with the report or dashboard. Bitscape offers Microsoft Power BI consulting services. With Microsoft Power BI, it is now possible to collect and process business data to provide users with excellent, versatile and truly dynamic dashboard designs.

The aim behind making the dashboard more attractive is not to make it aesthetically appealing, but rather to provide an easy-to-read interface that provides users with the relevant information easily. Bitscape can assist you with use of Power BI visual design feature, so you can make your dashboard look clean, organized and better for use by others too.

3 Tips to Design an Ideal Power BI Dashboard

The extensive Microsoft Power BI designing visuals are perfect to create dashboards that help to display the required information faster, and in a better manner, to the user.

These simple expert tips will help you to improve your Power BI Dashboard designing skills, to make it an ideal dashboard:

Tip 1 – Consider the Audience

As your aim is to provide your market audience with the most appealing and effective dashboard, before designing a Power BI dashboard, it is important to consider the target audience’s:

  • Vital decision-making metrics
  • Use of the particular dashboard
  • Cultural/learning experience’s effect on design choice
  • Need for relevant, updated and accurate information
  • Choice of location for displaying the dashboard

Mainly, the dashboard works as a single point to monitor multiple aspects of the business, sort of an overview of the current business performance. A large number of datasets and reports usually combine to become the information displayed on a dashboard, which can contain a large amount of detail.

Tip 2 – Fit a story on one screen

As dashboards need to provide the relevant information in a concise manner, whenever possible, for the users, it becomes important to prioritize the information to be actually displayed on the dashboard.

Try to keep the tiles aligned, avoiding scrollbars as much as possible, and ensure that the information can be seen in the ‘Full Screen’ mode.

Tip 3 – Effectively display prominent information

The trick to make the users realize the prioritized information is to set the relevant information in a bigger or more prominent font than the others. Always ensure to provide the correct context with such prominently displayed information for better understanding.

Experts suggest that the best location to put the most important information on a dashboard is on the upper left hand corner, followed with the less prioritized information as you go lower.

Using Power BI visual design, it becomes possible to make your dashboards be impressive, accurate, organized and highly convenient for the targeted audience. Contact Bitscape to understand   the true potential of Power BI visual design features.

Power BI: Efficiency, accuracy and speed for data analysis

Power BI
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Power BI is essentially a service based on the cloud that helps with accurate business analytics while enabling users to analyse and visualise data with speed, accuracy, efficiency and proper understanding. It also connects the users with a wide range of well-curated data via user-friendly dashboards, compelling visualisations, interactive reports, etc.

Use of Power BI for data analysis and storage comes with an array of benefits which includes:

  • Drillthrough for Power BI:

Many times when you file a report about certain events or projects held in the organisation, you might forget to add certain crucial information to the main report. Having a whole new grid added to the main report isn’t possible, and you add the required information to a fresh sheet. This separates the relevant information from the main report. Power BI with Dr’llthrough creates a possibility to add all the relevant data into the main report for proper analysis of data and future reference.

  • Wholesome Information Extraction:

With Power Bi, you need not have to scroll through two or three separate files for data of the single individual. Simple input of keywords can get you all the data in one go.

  • Specific Search:

As a Power BI user, you can also extract specified information of any client or customer by accessing a primary column destined for all information such as email id or address.

  • A bit Over Filter:

With the feature-filled Bit over Filter for Power BI, you get the capability to penetrate an individual maker/buyer or handler. You can easily fill in all the extra information that is associated with your client all on separate pages starting from manufacturing reports to client’s details. This helps in proper data segregation.

Features for Power BI service by Bitscape

  • Navigation Panel
  • Canvas
  • A question box for Q&A
  • Icon buttons that include feedback and help sections
  • Office 365 launch app
  • Icon buttons that are labeled
  • Home Button for Power BI
  • Dashboard title which includes navigation path also known as breadcrumbs

Services rendered by Bitscape Power BI include:

  • Statutory Reports
  • Operational Reports
  • Compliance Reports
  • Tracking and Monitoring Reports
  • Indicator Report for Key Performance
  • Budgetary Reports
  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Reports for Resource Consumption

With Power BI, a single report is contained within an individual workspace. It can easily be associated with numerous dashboards encrypted within this individual workspace. The tiles that have been pinned in a single report can easily be accessed over multiple dashboards. Reports can be created with the use of data from a single dataset.

However, this comes with an exception that the Power BI Desktop shall effectively combine 1+ dataset as a single broadcast which can then be imported by the Power BI. Power BI holds the capability to segregate together the data belonging to any organisation regardless of its location. Power BI is a helping hand that plays a significant role in the creation of user-friendly reports for the clients that help business with better data analysis and smooth performance.

All You Need to Know About Power BI Dashboard In A Day (DIAD)

dashboard in a day,
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Bitscape is a member of Microsoft Power BI Partner Community that is one of the largest and most extensive collaboration between expert IT companies that have the common goal. Bitscape’s aim is to use its expertise in developing Microsoft Power BI dashboards for optimal business management and performance.

What is a Dashboard?

Dashboards are central points of access for authorized users to view and analyze updated information. This is an excellent way to make sound and safe business decisions for corporations of all kinds. The ideal dashboard software should allow the user to monitor, and to measure, their business performance, based on real-time and updated data. The ability to view your overall business performance efficiently on a single page, with easy-to-use GUI, makes it an excellent business solution.

Why Join Microsoft Dashboard In A Day (DIAD) Program?

The Microsoft-based Dashboard In A Day, or DIAD as it is popularly known now, is an excellent way for IT solution providers to connect with potential business clients.

To put it in short, the DIAD program is:

  • An effective way for Business Analysts to learn the immense capabilities of the Microsoft Power BI
  • An entirely free workshop, which provides hands-on experience to business analysts, and is complete with a presenter deck, a step-wise guide along with the required dataset.
  • An effective learning program which is updated on a monthly basis.

This is an single-day workshop aimed at increasing learning and adoption of Microsoft Power BI by business worldwide.

Why Choose the DIAD Program?

The DIAD program is an enormously efficient way to:

  • Strengthen connection between customer and partner by providing extensive interaction opportunities
  • Increase awareness and knowledge about the immense capabilities of using Microsoft Power BI platform as a business solution
  • Boost the work of the numerous Microsoft community leaders and field partners

The most compelling reasons to host a DIAD are that it is highly effective in:

  • Generating leads that are attracted through displaying your expertise and skills to the targeted customers.
  • Ensuring stronger trust in your ability to perform the task, in the minds of the customers.

These long-term benefits spell for wider promotion for your company, not to talk about the impressive rate of retention you get. Contact Bitscape for knowing more about Dashboard In A Day (DIAD).

Know the Latest Power BI Updates for Improved Business Performance

Power BI Update
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With increasing advances in business IT solutions, it has become easier for businesses to improve their performance significantly. Today, we have advanced business data analysis and processing tools which help to get an idea of the current business performance and make the desired tweaks to improve the business performance even more.

Out of all the available data analysis and reporting tools today, the Microsoft Power BI platform is the leading choice of thousands of small and large business worldwide. This cloud-powered platform is a comprehensive tool to not only collect and assimilate big business data but to analyze the data and produce relevant and accurate reports to help you make the best business decisions.

Excellent Power BI Updates

Usage Metrics Improvements

Usage metrics help to understand the impact of the dashboards and reports created for your business. When you utilize the usage metrics, it allows you to see the Power BI usage data trends clearly.

Although the usage metrics are read-only, you can easily customize these with the ‘Save As’ option. This will help you to create a new dataset and convert the read-only report into a dynamic and interactive Power BI report which can be edited too.

The usage metrics report includes metrics for not only the selected report/dashboard, but it also gives access to all usage metrics from other dashboards/reports within the same work segment.

This feature is excellent when it comes to measuring the impact of a particular report or dashboard, and helps to further improvise the report/dashboard for ultimately better business performance.

Easier Report Distribution with Power BI Premium

Sharing reports easily with other authorized personnel is one of the best features in Power BI pack. To be able to share your reports or dashboards with other users, you and the users will need to have a Power BI Pro license, or the content should be ‘Premium’ content. Today, even free users of Power BI can use the dashboards shared with them in a ‘Premium’ capacity.

MS Power BI allows you to easily share dashboards and reports from numerous workplaces, including ‘Favorites’, ‘My Workspace’, etc. When you choose to share dashboards and reports using Power BI, the recipient can view these and interact with them. However, as the reports and dashboards that are shared are in a read-only format, these cannot be edited at the recipient’s end. If you allow it, the recipients can also share the same report or dashboard with other users by forwarding the same. It also becomes possible to share dashboard and reports with people outside the business, without the fear of having the report/dashboard being edited or changed in any way.

Selective Reports Publishing

Using the latest updates of Power BI, now it is possible to customize the way you share reports with other users.

The new option allows authorized personnel to choose the reports which they wish to be displayed to the recipients, while hiding the access to the others. Using this feature it becomes possible to selectively share your reports within the Power BI app.


BITSCAPE has been the prominent provider of excellent IT solutions to business all over the world. Today, the company is renowned for providing the most advanced Microsoft It solutions to small and large corporations with an aim to ultimately improve business performance. Using these latest features in the Power BI pack, the way business is managed is revolutionized.