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Dashboard System On Dot Net Technology

Bitscape as an IT consulting and Microsoft partner facilities business organizations to create vibrant web based application, software products and solutions.

At Bitscape, our technical consultants are efficient with knowledge and expertise in all the technologies within dot net and SharePoint and other Microsoft technologies.  Bitscape takes into consideration client requirements before providing any solutions.

To make our client happy with satisfied profit creation, Bitscape would facilitate them to restructure the existing application with a smart, rich and valuable structure by creating Dashboards on Dot net technology.

We at Bitscape, develops and provides cost effective, innovative and integrated business solutions based on the Microsoft.Net platform and we can make custom software development.



Enterprise can simply supervise their employees by add/edit/delete/view and list functions. With the same functions such as add/edit/delete/ view and list you can easily manage departments. You can also manage designation by add/edit/delete/ view and list function without any efforts. There is a possibility that these functions were not enough then the administrator button can be active/inactive on temporary basis. Additionally employee can supervise alerts for different kind of actions and also manage and also track couriers.


You can also manage user’s login credentials such as username, password by administrator, login, logout, password change, profile editing, and manage form and user level security by administrator.


Your employees can manage product feature to help add/edit/delete/view and list products, also manage product type feature to facilitate add/delete/edit/view and list product type category features to facilitate add/edit/delete/view and list product category, manage vendor feature creatively to assists add/edit/delete/view and list Vendors.

Store Inventory

Register of Asset will show stock in effects, Assets which are transfer to the branch.


A Product requisition form can help to show requisition list which can check the status or progress of customer’s own request, a user who is authorized can see the list of the request and process manually and track the status.

Issue Note

Issue note can generate against the requisition, it cannot be created if stock not exists.

Order of Purchase

Entry forms which are for purchase orders can record product entry form, authorized user can see list of purchase order and track the status, once stock goes beyond the recorder limit, at that moment purchase order will be created automatically by system.

Document Records

User can allow to upload their document to a central library which contain entry form,  user can download the documents from the document listing  form, authorized user can delete the documents from the records.


Reposts of feedback, task report for management, logger, Requisition list for management, Repot of Requisition, stock Repot, product vendor report, courier repot.


Blogs, suggestion, feedback and news can be considered under collaboration.

Managing Issues

Post issue form to insert new issue, Received list contains all the issues which where received from other employees, sent list of all the issues which sent to other employee or user, Issue filter facilitates to find the issue for which you are looking, Team issue list all the issues related to your team, department view list all the issues related to own department, statics displays the issues status, manage issue type by add/edit/delete/view and list features, managing progress type by add/edit/delete/view and list features.

Task Management

Creating a entry form to include new task and assign to some employee or to users, Update task form to edit task created by user, My task list, task verification form to verify the task is completed or not, Task reposts shows the task with status, effort and other details.


Desktop Applications are for convenient and smooth working of business modules and structures.

The Bitscape’s Desktop Application keeps your data up-to-date and provides access to powerful website features such as group-based notification emails, custom item pages and much more. Along with all these features it also facilitates features such as Accounting exports and automatic backup of your settings.

Software development starts with the development of Desktop Application, which can be use for standalone machines only. However, with the fast growing internet and online commerce, web applications development gained importance. Media players and word processors can be considered as typical desktop applications while online shopping care applications can be considered as a web application.

Desktop Application

As per the definition, desktop application means any software which can be installed on a single computer and used to perform some specific tasks.  Some application of desktop can also be used by multiple users in a network environment.

An application is a type of software which allows one to perform some specific tasks. Application which are designed for desktop or laptop computers are sometime called desktop application and those for mobile are called mobile applications.

Types of Desktop Application

There are numerous desktop applications available, and they all fall into many different categories. Such as, more full featured like Microsoft Word, while others may only do one or two things like gadgets.

  • Word processor: a word processor allows you to write a letter, design a flyer and create many other types of documents. Microsoft – Word is most well-known word processor.
  • Special Finance: personal or special finance software, like Quicken allows you to keep track of your income and expenses and create a budget, within other tasks. Many of the personal finance programs can automatically download information from your bank so one does not needs to manually type all the transactions.
  • Web browsers: A web browser is the device which access the internet. Most computers come with a web browser pre-installed; however one can also download a different one as per the preference.
  • Games: there are various games you can play on your computer. Such as card games Solitaire. Some action games require a lot of computing power so for that you may have a newer computer.
  • Media Player: To watch movies and songs you have to download MP3s, all you need is media player. Windows media player and iTunes are popular.
  • Gadgets: sometimes called as widgets, these are simple applications you can place on desktop. There are some types of gadgets like calendars, calculators, maps and news headlines.

Features of Desktop Applications

Conversation with just one-click:

Desktop applications can convert a file with just one click. Using our service without need to open your browser or email client. With just one right click on any document; you can access the file conversation options for that document type. After choosing a file it will be converted and downloaded automatically to your computer in a moment.

Converting files in the cloud:

The file which is converted automatically will download into the same folder in which the original file is located, which is extremely convenient.

Fast and Lightweight:

Installation of application is very quick and easy. It is highly light weight and uses very little of system resources. The entire process is the fastest which actual process takes place online; the application itself will never slow down your computer.

Suitable for huge files:

Uploading huge files through web browser can be an inconvenient sometime, which slows down browser and not allowing multi-task. It also simplifies the process and helps to avoid hassles by sending large files.

SharePoint Workflow Integration

Bitscape’s Windows SharePoint Services facilitates a dynamic and customizable work setting for users or employees to generate, collaborate, accumulate and operate the business information. The workflow is unique method which allows users to arrange and run a set of work units and activities to generate an executive file for presentation of work process.

In SharePoint, Workflow process can control the life cycle of any project. The workflow can demonstrate the functions of system as well as human actions. In SharePoint the workflow functions can be simple as well as detailed which absolutely depends upon your company’s requirements. You can generate workflows which can be instigated by user or Windows SharePoint services.

The workflow explains regular day to day business processes of the enterprise which can be saved to the SharePoint documents. The latest workflow service known as “Workflow Manager” in SharePoint 2013 that performs a central role in the organization however it can be created and managed on Windows Workflow Foundation.

Workflow Manager as a SharePoint Server 2013

A new service in SharePoint 2013 is called Workflow manager which is planned to perform central role in enterprise however workflow created by workflow manager can leverage the capabilities of some additional enterprise features such as High Density and Multi- Tenancy, Activity/ workflow Management, Tracking and Monitoring, Instance Management, and fully Declarative Authoring.

Additionally a new plan which is known as SharePoint 2013 Workflow Platform designed, by SharePoint creator 2013, especially for Workflow Managers which facilitates new functionalities like,

  • Capability of Visual Workflows development by Visio 2013 add-in.
  • Within a workflow No-code web service calls triggered by new action.
  • Generate task and start a process separately.
  • Management between SharePoint 2010 workflow platform and 2013 workflow platform which facilitates producing a workflow regardless of platform tendency.

Microsoft also provides two resources to create and install workflow templates for SharePoint which are set into Visual Studio 2012. The designer of SharePoint 2013 has strong inbuilt tools to mechanize the business process with its workflow designer.

Essentially Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 can restructure document collaboration with the workflow it gives. We at Bitscape facilitate the SharePoint workflow solution which allows any enterprise to enhance its productivity. We recommend you the workflow integrated with Microsoft products like, Outlook, Content Management Server and SharePoint by which you can manage our personal tasks. With Bitscape’s SharePoint workflow solutions you can easily get control on the life cycle of your documents.

Bitscape’s CRM Applications ( Customer Relationship Management )

Bitscape’s CRM applications or Customer relationship management applications assures to facilitate organizations customer retention and brand loyalty. However, Traditional CRM applications have failed to remain peace with changes in the market. These days’ customers have more choice and greater power than earlier. The CRM applications simply focused on sending better services and proactively meet customer needs in a complex global market. For the companies which are today looking to deliver a superior overall customer experience, then Bitscape’s CRM applications are the solution of choice.

Customer relationship management (CRM) refers to the practices, strategies and technologies which companies use to manage record and evaluate customer interaction in order to make sales growth by expanding and enriching business relationship with their customer. CRM systems are designed in a way to collect information on customer across different regions or points of contact between the customer and the company – which can contain the company’s website, telephone, live chat, direct mail, marketing resources and social media. CRM can also provide customer details information such as customer’s personal information, purchase history, first choices for buying and concerns.

Reasons for choosing Bitscape

Only Bitscape can deliver absolute, end-to-end customer lifecycle solutions. Traditional CRM can deliver only transactional, analytical and engagement features to manage all customer- facing operations. With modified new CRM delivers comprehensive broad on-premise and on-demand CRM solutions which are adapted to industry requirements and offer role-based customer intelligence.

CRM plays a significant role within the Bitscape customer experience portfolio, delivering customer experience across mobile, in –store, and field services with wide range of Bitscape foundation tools.

CRM Software

A CRM application is an enhanced way to manage so that your organization can be more structured, and do more with less. An efficient CRM application offers an organized, comprehensive view of a company’s customers and prospects and employees interactions with them. CRM software packages are available with down in prices as they migrated to host an applications or Saas solution which makes CRM available to a growing number of small and mid-size businesses.

CRM software combines customer information and documents into a single CRM database so business users can easily access the information and manage it. The most unique function of this software includes recording various customer interactions such as email, phone calls, social media and other channels.

Benefits of CRM

Which type of CRM product your business chooses is regardless, they recommend some of the same benefits, such as,

  • Comprehend which customers produce the most benefit

With the analyzing of buying behaviors and other customer data, your business can get to know better understanding of who are your best customers. Your business can easily differentiate the customer who provide highest profit margins and those who simply bring you the most revenue.

  • Evaluation of buying patterns

Understanding of customer buying patterns can again   assist you to spot potential high-value customers so that your business can make the most of your sales opportunities with those customers.

  • Capitalization on per-customer profits

Data which are gathered from CRM can help you lower the cost of selling to certain customers and assist you to increase profits from those customer interactions.

Bitscape’s Cloud Consulting services

Bitscape’s Cloud consulting services facilitates our customers to assess parts of clouds as their IT service delivery strategy, categorized which enterprise applications can be moved to the cloud, and also helps to identify target operating models, processes and technology which are essential for using cloud. We at Bitscape, use different range of cloud assessment to assess the presentation and capabilities of the various cloud services.

In business every owner has these questions, what is the most excellent course to the cloud for your organization? How the organization know which applications to host in the cloud – and which cloud technologies are the best suitable? Bitscape’s Cloud consulting services can facilitates our clients to speed up their drive to the cloud, renovate IT and reduce operational costs.

Our team of consultants contributes their efforts with you to assess the suitability of your applications for the cloud, choosing the right platform, and define a cloud strategy and roadmap for renovation and growth.



Need of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the unique type of technology which transform the role of enterprise IT division from  operating back office transactional systems of record to operating cutting edge real-time systems of commitment. The reality is to move towards cloud cannot be implemented haphazardly. A suitable and appropriate cloud strategy should take into account which can be technologically fit for each application and environment. Additionally, the probable investment cost and the revenue generated from business should be planned accordingly.

Many originations are realizing the benefits of moving to the cloud. The main part where complexities involved in implementation compared to the term cost benefit which moves fixed costs into operational costs. In reality cloud offers more than just cost saving.  The first question which comes in everyone’s mind is that, WHT CLOUD? And the answer is,

  • In today’s fast growing world every IT department is highly active in doing operational works which consists almost more than 70% of time and money which leave them with only 30% to innovate something new as far as technology is concerned.

Bitscape’s Approach

Bitscape will facilities and assist your business goals and objectives to categorized regions where the cloud resourses can be valuable and appropriate . The cloud with high efficiency will be merging with business and application so that in order to identify the most significant area of value. Once the business key strategies are identified, system and applications will be review for cloud viability.  The result will be planned which guides your organization so that you may leverage the benefits of cloud computing while minimizing the downside risk.

  • Evaluations: detail evaluations of existing infrastructure.
  • Classifying pain Points: classifying the point which may create difficulties while employing Cloud in existing infrastructure.
  • Security Audit: Identifying data security concerns.
  • Selecting appropriate Architecture: selecting a appropriate cloud architecture as per customer requirements, fitting faultlessly into their current IT landscape be it private, Public or Hybrid model.
  • Designing of Cloud Adoption strategy: the appropriate and accurate designing of strategy to implement the cloud so that the relocation and amalgamation happens without any fault and issues.
  • Business Continuity: ascertaining the plans for enterprise business continuity with covering backup, disaster recovery, high availability and preventing failovers so that business reamins unaffected.





Collaboration SharePoint 2013

Bitscape’s SharePoint server 2013 has some unique features which facilitates your enterprise social computing and collaboration easier. There are some features of social computing such as social networking tools like my sites, social content technologies such as blogs etc. which are creating a wonderful focus on SharePoint collaboration. With all these features users can easily capture and share the knowledge and a skill which is needed to complete their work. These are the most valuable sharing of information which promotes collaboration, progresses innovation and targets relevant content to the public who have to perceive it.

The features of social computing and collaboration in SharePoint server 2013 are manufactured upon a record of properties that integrates information about people from many kinds of business application and directory services.

SharePoint 2013 contains innovative collaboration features like Community Sites and microblogging, which allow workers to interact with one another based on shared interest instead of just as they  work in the same department or on the same project. SharePoint carries the sites, document and other information which users concern about and assists them share what they know easily.

When employees start using microblogging, news feeds, tagging features and some other features it creates their participation in the conversation better and more meaningful. New work related ideas can be simply and liberally exchanged, discussion can be formed for the tasks based on shared information.

Features of Collaboration SharePoint 2013

The features of collaboration SharePoint on community sites, My sites and team sites in SharePoint 2013 make it easy for users to find and connect with the people and content that matter to make their work better and to share information and ideas.

  • MY Sites and team sites in SharePoint Server 2013
    • The interactive newsfeed on My site and team sites can help users to keep updated with other people through real-time microblogging message and status updates. With My Site has a unique act like it acts as a central location where users can follow their tasks and access the document and information.
  • Community Site features in SharePoint 2013
    • People can use the community sites where they can find and share information and ideas, find people with similar interest and knowledge and build status. Enterprise users can use SharePoint site and list directly to expand Community Site features as the Community Site features does not expose specifically.

SharePoint 2013 has a big ambition to create advance product both on social platform as well as a content management environment.

Four Key Investment areas

The latest version of SharePoint 2013 is the result to current IT trends. Microsoft is most early adopter than an innovator in this context. Cloud services and the usage of mobile end devices are already common practice. Microsoft brings such trends with SharePoint 2013, focusing on four key investment areas:

  • Cloud readiness: the structural design was geared to proficient interaction within and with the cloud.
  • Social Collaboration: utilities for modern forms of collaboration were provided.
  • Mobile Devices: collaboration while using mobile end devices is supported.
  • Web content management: the main focus will be on the efficient provision and user friendly presentation of contents in the intranet and internet.

With Microsoft Bitscape is bringing systematic basic SharePoint functions, so that the from the users perspective SharePoint 2013 is more evolutionary.


Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is classifed as a kind of computing which based on sharing computing resources rather than having local server or personal devices which can manage applications. Cloud computing is a technology which employs the internet and central remote servers to maintain data and applications.

Cloud computing facilitates business and consumers to use applications without installing and accessing their personal files at any computer with just internet access. With this technology computing can be much more efficient by centralizing data storage, processing and bandwidth.

In a very simple term Cloud computing involves delivering hosted services over the internet. These services divided under three categories,

  1. Infrastructure – as- a- Service (IaaS)
  2. Platform – as – a – Service (PaaS)
  3. Software – as – a – Service (SaaS)

Cloud computing is nothing but delivering hosted services over the internet.

Cloud computing, the word “Cloud” narrates as  image for “the internet”, so the phrase cloud computing means, “ a category of internet-based computing”, where special services – like servers and storage and application – are distributed to an organization’s and devices through the internet.

Cloud Computing

Functioning of Cloud Computing:

The main objective of cloud computing is to manage traditional or high-performance computing power, which generally used by military and research facilities, to execute consumer-oriented applications like financial portfolios, to deliver personalized information, to facilitates data storage or power large, immersive online computer games.

To perform these tasks, cloud computing uses network of large group of servers which typically rus on low – cost consumer PC technology with specialized connections to spread data processing chores across them. This shared IT infrastructure contains large pools of system which are connected together. Very frequently, Virtualization techniques are used to maximize the power of cloud computing.

Cloud computing assures numerous attractive benefits for business and end users. Three of them cloud computing benefits which are excellent are,

Self- service provisioning: End users can twist up computing capital for the almost any type of workload as per the demand.

Elasticity: companies or business organization can increase computing or reduce computing demand as per the demand.

Payment as per the use: computing resources  measures at a rough level, where users need to pay only for the resources and workloads they use.

Architecture of Cloud Computing

In the conversation of Cloud computing system, it will be easier to divide it into two sections: the front end and the back end. Both the ends connected with each other through a network, mostly the Internet.  The front end is the user of computer or client and the back end is the “cloud” section of the system.

The front end contains the client’s computer or can say computer network and the application which required accessing the cloud computing system. All cloud computing systems are not necessarily same user interface. Services such as Web-based email programs controls existing web browsers like Internet Explores or Firefox.


Microsoft Offers Transfer Tool to Google Health Users

Microsoft Corp. already announced that people using the Google Health service, planned to be discontinued Jan. 1, 2012, can effortlessly transfer their personal health info stored in a Google Health profile to a MicrosoftHealthVault account by the Direct Project messaging protocols established by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT.

“Google has been a significant ally in providing clients with access to their data and tools to superior manage care online “Microsoft carry on to advance the HealthVault platform to boost its value to customers by adding significant features, such as support for mobile, and by collaborating with lots of health organizations, including the American Cancer Society, and CVS Pharmacy to deliver strong health and wellness applications that join to HealthVault.”

Microsoft focused on providing hospitals to join to HealthVault as they look to make more efficient & interactive relations with the patients by the exchange of information. Health systems are using Microsoft Amalga, and venture health intelligence podium, to bring patient data mutually from disparate IT systems to modernize operations and organize care. These organizations then are connecting Amalga to HealthVault to let the patient to get, store and share his or her personal health information as preferred.


A Google Health account holder who needs to transfer his or her personal health info to HealthVault can start by choosing the “Send profile to a new service” option on the Download menu in Google Health. Users will get confirmation massage that their details were transferred, & then an email explaining how to generate a HealthVault account & finish the data transfer.

The plan behind both Google Health & Microsoft’s HealthVault is to make one repository for medical information so that health center could track patient health and plan their treatment. It was also designed to simplicity appointment check-in and hospital registration. And it can aid avoid dangerous prescription drug interactions by giving pharmacists related details of a patient’s history.

Customers, though, haven’t taken to the services. Privacy is obviously a concern. What’s more, the benefit isn’t willingly apparent. Physicians, who show so much of medical care, haven’t steered their patients to the services. Not many hospitals connect to the services. And the more than 300 applications that attach to HealthVault–everything from tools to manage diabetes to software that track pregnancies–don’t come out to have made it a main draw.

Microsoft’s data transfer tool might be more marketing than a useful feature. Clearly, Google abandoned its health records service because it had few clients. And certainly numerous of those who tried the service likely kicked the tires quite than dove deep into it. And for those who did enter big amounts of health data, several may have chosen Google’s product over Microsoft because of brand reliability.

Microsoft also presents Amalga, technology that gives health care systems the capability to centralize the huge pockets of digital information they gather. The four-year-old HealthVault is a part of that broader business, which is why Microsoft seems likely to carry on supporting it.

Microsoft acquires BigPark Inc. to usher a new chapter in gaming

A few years ago, Microsoft Corp. announced its intention to acquire the interactive online gaming enterprise known as BigPark Inc. A company with headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, BigPark Inc. was founded in the year 2007 by some industry veterans who contributed to the growth and development of two majorly successful software companies called Electronic Arts Canada and Distinctive Software Inc. The founding team of BigPark is comprised of business leaders having more than 80 years of in-depth collective experience working in the video gaming industry. They have produced or at least overseen numerous blockbuster franchises such as “Need for Speed,” “NBA Street” “FIFA Soccer,” and “SSX.”

The acquisition of the interactive online game development studio BigPark Inc. is going to bring the company’s talented developers into the Microsoft Game Studios. With Microsoft, the BigPark team is going to work on the development of an exclusive Xbox 360 gaming project. Over the last few years or so, BigPark and Microsoft have together worked closely on the project, thus presenting Microsoft with an upfront and clear view of the talent and innovative potential of BigPark.

Phil Spencer, the general manager of Microsoft Game Studios said that they are quite delighted to have the BigPark team working together with them to create the next big entry in the world of gaming. The team of BigPark includes some of the most creative and highly experienced minds who are currently working with the gaming industry today. This collaboration of Microsoft Game Studios and BigPark is going to bring together the talent pools of the two companies and lead to accelerated innovation and growth. The experts at Microsoft Game Studios strongly believe that BigPark professionals has got tremendous potential that can help them to create innovative gaming experiences and new properties for the various Microsoft platforms. They believe that within a short time they can come up with an awesome gaming entry.

Hanno Lemke, the CEO and co-founder of BigPark who is going to report to the post-acquisition of Spencer, has formerly served in development and executive positions with Distinctive Software Inc. and Electronic Arts. Over the years, he oversaw or produced various hit and well received games such as “Need for Speed,” “NHL Hockey” and “Skate.” Lemke has also said that given the shared passion of BigPark and Microsoft Game Studios to break new grounds on the field of gaming and produce state of the art online gaming entries, the new partnership with Microsoft that BigPark entered into can work perfectly for both parties. Due to this reason, it has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience for the team at BigPark.

The conglomeration is going to provide them with easy access to unparalleled resources, talent, and exciting innovative opportunities that are working within Microsoft. The opinion has been voiced by Wil Mozell, who is also the studio co-founder and president with BigPark. He also said that his firm BigPark is also looking forward to actively being a part of Microsoft Game Studios so that they can work on games that will enjoy massive popularity in future.

Microsoft Joins @Home Solutions

Microsoft’s, developer mission is to bring experiences that allow any developer, build any application on every OS and this mission need to be open, flexible, and interoperable: to meet developers and development group where they are, and offer tools, services and platforms that aid them take ideas into creation.

Microsoft Corp. has joined further equipment suppliers as an associate in the @Home Solutions venture, which provides broadband Internet-access systems to small & mid cable operators. Microsoft will become a favorite vendor to the business enterprise. It will start working to include its Windows NT server-operating system into @Home Network for the Solutions markets, and it will offer other technology and advertising support.

In an attempt to support and drive developers to make additional use of the Microsoft Ecosystem, Microsoft has joined the Linux Group.
The Microsoft system is designed to make resources available to an extensive variety of technology companies so that they can construct solutions around Microsoft technologies. In this case, Microsoft needs to drive more use of Azure, Windows 10, & Office 365.

Linux is an OS platform that is available as free and open-source software. This means that anybody is freely licensed to apply and change the software in any means, resulting in an operating system that is extensively utilized to power servers, desktops, Android Smartphone and additional devices.
With joining the Linux Foundation, Microsoft is providing developers to utilize more tools regardless of their preferred platform, making the Microsoft Ecosystem platforms more popular for building cross-platform applications & solutions. In other ways, Microsoft wants developers creating apps for its system whether they’re working in Linux or in Azure.

This is in fact a big deal folk. This could mean that Microsoft is taking their primary step to free and open-source OS. With their improved interest in the hardware side of effects, this would be a reasonable next step for them, allowing the Linux group to create their software for them which would mean superior and safer OS’s. Linux-based Windows 11.

As part of its attempt to work more closely with the open source society, Microsoft announced it has joined the Linux group as a Platinum Member. Microsoft’s association with Linux will advantage customers through increased collaboration and innovation between diverse systems.

Tools for every developer on any platform

Microsoft highlighted numerous announcements aimed at supporting developers use the tools of their preference to generate android, iOS and Windows apps powered by Linux or Windows Server, including the following:

  • The SQL Server on Linux public preview released is the initial preview of the upcoming version of SQL Server & gets the power of SQL Server to Linux & Linux-based Docker containers, as well as Windows.
  • A latest Visual Studio for Mac preview offer a Mac OS-based incorporated development environment designed for making mobile, cloud and Mac OS apps.
  • The accessibility of Azure App Service on Linux with support for Containers in preview offer native Linux support for Node.js & PHP stacks on Azure App Service and now allow developers to bring their own Docker-formatted image.