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Microsoft as an Application Platform-as-a-Service Leader to mechanize the configuration, deployment and ongoing management of application in the cloud with Azure PaaS

For many cloud services Azure PaaS is the right choice for many cloud users. Platform as a service (PaaS) is a main key Azure Component, which is useful for buyers and profitable for sellers. Microsoft Azure and Windows Server applications are finally symbiotic as well. The major goal of Microsoft Azure and Windows Server is to make Azure cloud hosted by Windows Server alternative or supplement which means Azure delivers PaaS feature to applications.

A user with Windows Server applications, Azure reinstates both the hardware and platform software. Hence, Azure relocates software licensing charges as well as maintenance costs.

PaaS is Azure’s best feature and clearest differentiator. Additionally, to limit cloud costs, PaaS facilitates hybrid cloud operation. To make this, PaaS facilitates a complete cloud software and hardware platform for applications compatible with Microsoft’s on-premises tools. Azure recommends cloud-friendly implementations on well- accepted server APIs for service such as SharePoint. As Microsoft controls the data centre version of the same APIs, it can create flexibility and hybridization into the cloud and data center.

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) allows IT department to concentrate efforts on their custom applications, not the platform they run on. With the Windows Azure, organization’s IT team can develop custom solutions and manage design, development and deployment, exclusive of the need to purchase and manage the server hardware, software, storage, security or networks which is used to deliver the solution.

Bitscape is a premier partner with Microsoft where Bitscape customer will receive a license to take advantage of Microsoft Azure’s IaaS solution. As of now Bitscape supports Azure’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering, the latest announcement provides the creation of hybrid cloud infrastructure by promoting Bitscape customers to consider Azure to power the infrastructure which undergirds its PaaS infrastructure .

As time goes Windows Azure has established and more and more organizations start looking at Azure to solve some of their needs.

PaaS benefits are more than grid computing fulfillment. Microsoft controls middleware in Azure and Windows Server, ensuring on-premises programs can take full advantage of cloud.

Clients of Bitscape have profited from this service model. If you would like to discover potential for your organization contact us to schedule a consultation.

Microsoft Azure Site recovery: an exceptional destination for disaster recovery and to defend physical server

Azure Site Recovery assists you to protect important applications by coordinating the imitation and recovery of physical or virtual machines. Your organization can replicate to your own data centre, to a hosting service provider or even to Azure to avoid the expense and complexity of building and managing your own secondary location.

Azure Site Recovery adds to your business continuity and disaster recovery strategy by coordinating replication, failover and recovery of virtual machines in a number of deployment scenario.

Azure Site Recovery assists to protect the critical applications running in your datacenter with flexible recovery plans. Microsoft Azure Site Recovery is a Microsoft Azure service that will enable failover for on-premises Hyper-Virtual machines.

Azure Site Recovery is secure. It neither captures your application data nor has any information about what is running inside your virtual machines. Internet connectivity is not needed either from the Hyper-V hosts or the virtual machines.

As replication is between your own enterprise and service provide sites, no application data is sent to Azure. Only metadata, like VM or cloud names, that is needed to coordinate failover, is sent to Azure.

Your all data is stored in “YOUR” storage account on top of the world class geo-redundant storage provided by Azure.

Earlier Azure Site Recovery was known as Hyper-V Recovery Manager. New capabilities will facilitate customers to replicate VMs from their own data centers directly to Azure and coordinate the recovery of workloads in a cloud computing environment.

The highlighted features of Azure Site Recovery:

  • Simplify – Site Recovery ,facilitates your business continuity and disaster recovery by making it easy to configure replication and run failover and recovery for you on-premises workloads and applications.
  • Replication – you can replicate on-premises workloads to Azure storage, or to a secondary datacenter.
  • Vault – to manage duplication you can set up a Site Recovery Vault in an Azure region you select. All metadata remains within that region.
  • Metadata- no application data is sent to Azure. Site recovery only requires metadata such as virtual machine and VMM cloud means, in order to coordinate replication and failover.
  • Connection to Azure – management servers communicate with Azure depending on your deployment scenario. For example if your organization is replicating virtual machines located in an on premises VMM cloud, the VMM server communicates with Site Recovery over an encrypted outbound  HTTPS connection. No connection is needed from the virtual machines or Hyper-V hosts.

Bitscape Azure Platform Services guides your organization to plan your Azure Application planning strategy and consulting services.

Bitscape is one of the trustworthy technology partners who turn your business innovation ideas into reality. At Bitscape we combine your unique needs with technology and strategy to rapidly realize your business goals.

Microsoft Azure applies a specialized operating system, which is known as Microsoft Azure, to run its “fabric layer”.

Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform which facilitates the quick build, deployment and management of application across a global network of Microsoft –managed datacenters.

Windows Azure : it is a cloud-computing infrastructure and platform which is known as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) for creating, deploying and managing applications through a global network of Microsoft- managed datacenters. It is a service from Microsoft allowing companies to host their applications in the Cloud so they don’t require purchasing or managing their own servers.

Advantages with Windows Azure:

  • Fund savings and Quick Scalability – with the Windows Azure, companies need to pay for the resources which their applications are using. Whether a company requires increasing its number of users or its data storage, for example, Microsoft can simply adjust their rate, making it extremely convenient and scalable. With this “pay-as-you-go” approach, business only pay for the amount of space which they need, instead of having to pay for the empty storage at the maximum amount which they may never use. Further, companies using Windows Azure need not to buy, manage, administer performance maintenance, configure hardware and operating system, and pay the electricity costs for their own machines, lot of savings of time and money.
  • Trustworthy – in addition to cost savings and quick scalability, another most awesome advantage of Windows Azure and Iaas/PaaS model is its trustworthiness. Windows services are offered from cloud data centers which have multiple built-in redundancies. If company’s one server crashes then a company’s applications will automatically run on another server in the data centre.
  • Simple and easy upgrades: Microsoft Azure supports many different programming languages, tools and frameworks, including both Microsoft-specific and third party software and system. Latest application upgrade can be easily added.

Bitscape Azure consultants can assist your organization to determine whether Microsoft Azure is the model for your business – working with you to identify your requirement for a successful move into the cloud.


Azure Cloud – move towards shaping the IaaS lines with Microsoft technology.

Bitscape is a partner of Microsoft Azure. We can assist you to plan and deploy efficient migration onto various Microsoft cloud services. Microsoft is accessible as both Platform-as-a –Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Infrastructure- as-a-Service – Microsoft Azure recommends Virtualization through its mature Hyper-V technology. For the Microsoft Azure projects, we have been noticed that small organizations can benefit from the economies of scale. While in the case of large scale implementations, we have observed that cloud services like Microsoft Azure allow companies to cut their IT “Maintenance” and increase their productivity.

Features of Windows Azure IaaS include:

  • Extremely available and scalable.
  • Complete SQL Server functionality.
  • Capability Hybrid service and application infrastructure.
  • Strong health metrics dashboards.
  • Enterprise grade support.

Windows Azure IaaS is well managed compute service which provides complete control of the OS and the application platform stack to the application developers and IT Professional which is analogous to Hyper-V and other virtualization platforms. The element of deployment is at the granularity of a virtual machine. Your organization can deploy virtual machines for the development with the help of IT Professionals.  Although developers get complete control of the stack at the time of design, still the deployment needs to consider the systematic qualities of the application influenced by the storage, virtual networking and managed services ecosystem which surrounds it. While IaaS provides design time portability, in meantime the application may take advantage of the managed services which will impact its overall portability.

The powerful capability of IaaS facilitates your business access to:

  • On-demand infrastructure which scales and adapts to your changing business needs.
  • Deployment, development and scaling options for any web application.
  • Provide fast and easy way to create mobile apps.
  • The capability to develop and test application faster, at lower cost, with the flexibility to deploy as per requirement.
  • Durable cloud storage, backup, scalable and recovery solutions for any data.



Microsoft New Azure Backup simple and reliable, extends to reach VMs and PCs

Microsoft Azure Backup is a key component of Microsoft’s Azure cloud services. Multiple users can use the cloud service which allows data to be backed up to the Azure cloud. Azure reinstates on-premise or other offsite backup solution and offers world-class reliability, security and competitiveness.

Azure Backup is scalable clarification which protects your application data with zero capital investment and minimal operating costs.

Widows Azure Backup is based on cloud backup solution for Windows Server which allows files and folders to be backed up and recovered from the cloud, and facilitates off-site protection against data loss. Azure Backup helps IT administrators and developers with the option to back up and protect critical data in easy recoverable way from any location without spending any hardware cost.

Windows Azure Backup is created on the Windows Azure Platform and uses Windows Azure blob storage for storing customer data. Windows server utilizes the downloadable Windows Azure Backup Agent to transfer file and folder data securely and efficiently to the Windows Azure Backup Service.

Besides facilitating cloud backup for Windows Server, Windows Azure Backup Services also offers ability to backup data from System Centre Data Protection Manger and Windows Server Essentials, to the cloud.

Objectives for Azure Backup

These days’ organizations are increasingly using Azure Backup as prices, reliability, integrity and data management offers a compelling solution for their backup needs.

  • The reliability, flexibility and safety by Azure Backup deliver a enhanced quality of service than other solutions in the same price band.
  • Azure Backup is an element of a larger Azure suite with complementary world-class Azure services.
  • Periodically Incremental data changes are sent to Azure backup using compression, and encryption delivering efficiency and longer retention.
  • Azure backup has unique feature that all the effort related to backup management is left to Microsoft rather than to customer.
  • There is no downtime involved during virtual machine backup.
  • Recovery points are accessible for easy restore in the Azure Backup vault.

The advantage which Azure facilitates is, in a sense, fairly straightforward.

The Windows Azure Backup performance backups by tracking file and makes block level  changes only by transferring the changed blocks, so it reduces the storage and bandwidth utilization. Azure Backup uses storage efficiently by only storing the changes.


Azure brings global scalability, an open, flexible and simple platform with influential capabilities to facilitate everything you require to host and manage azure applications.

In today’s business priorities are shifting. The most important and greater focus is being placed on accelerating the growth of your business with reducing the cost of maintaining your applications and legacy systems and shifting your resources to higher value, innovative projects. Windows Azure has become premier solution to concentrating these business needs. As a leading cloud platform, Windows Azure offers a convincing set of features and capabilities to realize the benefits of cloud computing.

Bitscape, an elite Microsoft partner and member of the Azure Circle program, offers dedicate global solutions for providing enterprise-level. Azure services meet your unique goals and requirements.

One of the large company Microsoft, which has extensive experience of managing large data centers, are offering customers to “rent” data capacity. This is one of the most immense news for the companies which want to focus on their core business application and not worry about the underlying platform. Microsoft cloud platform offering is called Windows Azure.

Bitscape offers a full suite of services including:

Transformation Service

  • Realize the benefits of cloud and identify applications best suited for Azure.
  • Shift workloads, transfer the existing applications and extend on-premise applications to Azure.
  • Convert the applications and deploy to Azure.

Development Services

  • Development, designing and test public or hybrid application on Azure.
  • Re-deployment or deployment packaged applications on Azure in a public, private or hybrid.

Managing Services

  • Provide dedicated, skill excellence, global support team.
  • Securing cloud deployment with an advanced protection, monitoring, governance and automation.

Benefits of Bitscape Application Services for Windows Azure include:

  • Outstanding relationship with Microsoft, translating into deeper insight and early access to new features and capabilities.
  • Solution centers with excellence skillful assistance where you can explore issues like performance, security and governance.
  • Group of skilled, dedicated professionals who specialize in Windows Azure deployments.

We at Bitscape, make sure you achieve the benefits of Windows Azure is cost-effective.


Collaborative Platform on SharePoint 2013

Business expansion, regulations, manufacturing, promotion, discovering and sales all these areas along with your life science enterprise’s value chain, contains complex collaboration and content management.  With Bitscape’s SharePoint 2013 services ,your enterprise collaborate and communicate with your in-house and offshore team members and ties information so that workers can access and work on data simultaneously and exchange the information in safe and secure environment using SharePoint workflows as it is strong and customizable.

As an enterprise owner you always need paths to streamline these processes and make sure that the correct people can only get information. At the same time, your technology consultants feel confident that the suitable privacy and protection features are in place to meet regulatory requirement.

A collaboration platform is a kind of business software which includes broad social networking capabilities to processes the work. The objective of a collaboration software application is to promote innovation by incorporating knowledge management into business processes so users or employees can share information and resolve business troubles more proficiently.

If your enterprise is an international business and you have an employee working at on-shore and offshore sites and facing difficulties in corresponding and sharing data which needs to be moved back and forth your enterprise is looking for a platform or a channel which offers flawless communication presentation and information then users can work simultaneously on data on same platform which facilitates,

  • Well – organized structure to handle the workflow between onshore and offshore team.
  • Unique analysis for different users based on the access rights to the users.
  • Set auto priority work.
  • Managing and maintaining historical records for each file’s workflows.
  • For excel file there is a formation of exporting the activity log.

Vendors are considering different approaches to build collaboration platforms. Some enterprises adding up a “social layer” to legacy business applications where as others are inserting collaboration tools into new products. All enterprise would like to have successful collaboration platforms share certain attributes so that they require to be easily accessible and easy to use, it is necessary for them to build a set of functions which support team collaboration, issue tracking and messaging.

At Bitscape, being an IT consulting company our consultants with excellent technology knowledge helped many businesses in their business happenings to create a responsive platform which facilitates value for technology investment and eventually productivity.

Dashboard System On Dot Net Technology

Bitscape as an IT consulting and Microsoft partner facilities business organizations to create vibrant web based application, software products and solutions.

At Bitscape, our technical consultants are efficient with knowledge and expertise in all the technologies within dot net and SharePoint and other Microsoft technologies.  Bitscape takes into consideration client requirements before providing any solutions.

To make our client happy with satisfied profit creation, Bitscape would facilitate them to restructure the existing application with a smart, rich and valuable structure by creating Dashboards on Dot net technology.

We at Bitscape, develops and provides cost effective, innovative and integrated business solutions based on the Microsoft.Net platform and we can make custom software development.



Enterprise can simply supervise their employees by add/edit/delete/view and list functions. With the same functions such as add/edit/delete/ view and list you can easily manage departments. You can also manage designation by add/edit/delete/ view and list function without any efforts. There is a possibility that these functions were not enough then the administrator button can be active/inactive on temporary basis. Additionally employee can supervise alerts for different kind of actions and also manage and also track couriers.


You can also manage user’s login credentials such as username, password by administrator, login, logout, password change, profile editing, and manage form and user level security by administrator.


Your employees can manage product feature to help add/edit/delete/view and list products, also manage product type feature to facilitate add/delete/edit/view and list product type category features to facilitate add/edit/delete/view and list product category, manage vendor feature creatively to assists add/edit/delete/view and list Vendors.

Store Inventory

Register of Asset will show stock in effects, Assets which are transfer to the branch.


A Product requisition form can help to show requisition list which can check the status or progress of customer’s own request, a user who is authorized can see the list of the request and process manually and track the status.

Issue Note

Issue note can generate against the requisition, it cannot be created if stock not exists.

Order of Purchase

Entry forms which are for purchase orders can record product entry form, authorized user can see list of purchase order and track the status, once stock goes beyond the recorder limit, at that moment purchase order will be created automatically by system.

Document Records

User can allow to upload their document to a central library which contain entry form,  user can download the documents from the document listing  form, authorized user can delete the documents from the records.


Reposts of feedback, task report for management, logger, Requisition list for management, Repot of Requisition, stock Repot, product vendor report, courier repot.


Blogs, suggestion, feedback and news can be considered under collaboration.

Managing Issues

Post issue form to insert new issue, Received list contains all the issues which where received from other employees, sent list of all the issues which sent to other employee or user, Issue filter facilitates to find the issue for which you are looking, Team issue list all the issues related to your team, department view list all the issues related to own department, statics displays the issues status, manage issue type by add/edit/delete/view and list features, managing progress type by add/edit/delete/view and list features.

Task Management

Creating a entry form to include new task and assign to some employee or to users, Update task form to edit task created by user, My task list, task verification form to verify the task is completed or not, Task reposts shows the task with status, effort and other details.


Desktop Applications are for convenient and smooth working of business modules and structures.

The Bitscape’s Desktop Application keeps your data up-to-date and provides access to powerful website features such as group-based notification emails, custom item pages and much more. Along with all these features it also facilitates features such as Accounting exports and automatic backup of your settings.

Software development starts with the development of Desktop Application, which can be use for standalone machines only. However, with the fast growing internet and online commerce, web applications development gained importance. Media players and word processors can be considered as typical desktop applications while online shopping care applications can be considered as a web application.

Desktop Application

As per the definition, desktop application means any software which can be installed on a single computer and used to perform some specific tasks.  Some application of desktop can also be used by multiple users in a network environment.

An application is a type of software which allows one to perform some specific tasks. Application which are designed for desktop or laptop computers are sometime called desktop application and those for mobile are called mobile applications.

Types of Desktop Application

There are numerous desktop applications available, and they all fall into many different categories. Such as, more full featured like Microsoft Word, while others may only do one or two things like gadgets.

  • Word processor: a word processor allows you to write a letter, design a flyer and create many other types of documents. Microsoft – Word is most well-known word processor.
  • Special Finance: personal or special finance software, like Quicken allows you to keep track of your income and expenses and create a budget, within other tasks. Many of the personal finance programs can automatically download information from your bank so one does not needs to manually type all the transactions.
  • Web browsers: A web browser is the device which access the internet. Most computers come with a web browser pre-installed; however one can also download a different one as per the preference.
  • Games: there are various games you can play on your computer. Such as card games Solitaire. Some action games require a lot of computing power so for that you may have a newer computer.
  • Media Player: To watch movies and songs you have to download MP3s, all you need is media player. Windows media player and iTunes are popular.
  • Gadgets: sometimes called as widgets, these are simple applications you can place on desktop. There are some types of gadgets like calendars, calculators, maps and news headlines.

Features of Desktop Applications

Conversation with just one-click:

Desktop applications can convert a file with just one click. Using our service without need to open your browser or email client. With just one right click on any document; you can access the file conversation options for that document type. After choosing a file it will be converted and downloaded automatically to your computer in a moment.

Converting files in the cloud:

The file which is converted automatically will download into the same folder in which the original file is located, which is extremely convenient.

Fast and Lightweight:

Installation of application is very quick and easy. It is highly light weight and uses very little of system resources. The entire process is the fastest which actual process takes place online; the application itself will never slow down your computer.

Suitable for huge files:

Uploading huge files through web browser can be an inconvenient sometime, which slows down browser and not allowing multi-task. It also simplifies the process and helps to avoid hassles by sending large files.

SharePoint Workflow Integration

Bitscape’s Windows SharePoint Services facilitates a dynamic and customizable work setting for users or employees to generate, collaborate, accumulate and operate the business information. The workflow is unique method which allows users to arrange and run a set of work units and activities to generate an executive file for presentation of work process.

In SharePoint, Workflow process can control the life cycle of any project. The workflow can demonstrate the functions of system as well as human actions. In SharePoint the workflow functions can be simple as well as detailed which absolutely depends upon your company’s requirements. You can generate workflows which can be instigated by user or Windows SharePoint services.

The workflow explains regular day to day business processes of the enterprise which can be saved to the SharePoint documents. The latest workflow service known as “Workflow Manager” in SharePoint 2013 that performs a central role in the organization however it can be created and managed on Windows Workflow Foundation.

Workflow Manager as a SharePoint Server 2013

A new service in SharePoint 2013 is called Workflow manager which is planned to perform central role in enterprise however workflow created by workflow manager can leverage the capabilities of some additional enterprise features such as High Density and Multi- Tenancy, Activity/ workflow Management, Tracking and Monitoring, Instance Management, and fully Declarative Authoring.

Additionally a new plan which is known as SharePoint 2013 Workflow Platform designed, by SharePoint creator 2013, especially for Workflow Managers which facilitates new functionalities like,

  • Capability of Visual Workflows development by Visio 2013 add-in.
  • Within a workflow No-code web service calls triggered by new action.
  • Generate task and start a process separately.
  • Management between SharePoint 2010 workflow platform and 2013 workflow platform which facilitates producing a workflow regardless of platform tendency.

Microsoft also provides two resources to create and install workflow templates for SharePoint which are set into Visual Studio 2012. The designer of SharePoint 2013 has strong inbuilt tools to mechanize the business process with its workflow designer.

Essentially Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 can restructure document collaboration with the workflow it gives. We at Bitscape facilitate the SharePoint workflow solution which allows any enterprise to enhance its productivity. We recommend you the workflow integrated with Microsoft products like, Outlook, Content Management Server and SharePoint by which you can manage our personal tasks. With Bitscape’s SharePoint workflow solutions you can easily get control on the life cycle of your documents.