Power BI: Efficiency, accuracy and speed for data analysis

Power BI is essentially a service based on the cloud that helps with accurate business analytics while enabling users to analyse and visualise data with speed, accuracy, efficiency and proper understanding. It also connects the users with a wide range of well-curated data via user-friendly dashboards, compelling visualisations, interactive reports, etc. Use of Power BI […]

All You Need to Know About Power BI Dashboard In A Day (DIAD)

Bitscape is a member of Microsoft Power BI Partner Community that is one of the largest and most extensive collaboration between expert IT companies that have the common goal. Bitscape’s aim is to use its expertise in developing Microsoft Power BI dashboards for optimal business management and performance. What is a Dashboard? Dashboards are central […]

Know the Latest Power BI Updates for Improved Business Performance

With increasing advances in business IT solutions, it has become easier for businesses to improve their performance significantly. Today, we have advanced business data analysis and processing tools which help to get an idea of the current business performance and make the desired tweaks to improve the business performance even more. Out of all the […]

Power BI is the Perfect Security Partner in Corporate Data Sharing Processes

With technology advancing at an unprecedented pace today, it has become essential for corporations to ensure optimal security when it comes to sharing confidential corporate reports and other such information. Microsoft, being the global leader in software development, offers the Power BI platform for the perfect solution to your business data analysis and sharing needs. […]

Need to Embed Power BI in Your Business Applications

  We live in an age where you having a fully functioning computer right in your pocket. The immense leaps in technological advancement enabled us to integrate the latest tech and develop the smartphone which not only works to keep you constantly connected with others it also gives you the power of the internet in […]

Easy Steps to Add WebParts on SharePoint Online Pages

  Today, with information being the essence of any website, providing relevant and information to users is of utmost priority. Microsoft SharePoint Online is a leading and most efficient cloud-powered platform for hosting dynamic and attractive websites. Apart from a faster processing speed and top-notch data security features, SharePoint also offers the easiest way to […]

How Microsoft Office 365 Provides the Ultimate Cyber Security Features

Viruses and other malevolent software have been around since the time computers became mainstream. With the advances in computer technology and the advent of the internet, the risk of having your data stolen is increasing proportionately. Although software developers provide anti-virus software packages, these are not always efficient in detecting and removing (or quarantining) viruses, […]

Outsourcing- Answer To slow Economy

OutsourcingSave money on your IT spendings by Outsourcing to Bitscape and spend this saved hard earned money on your Sales and Marketing operations! sounds good!? Bitscape is 2013 Microsoft Worldwide Business Intelligence Partner Award Finalist and more recently 2017 Microsoft Data Platform Award finalist company Bitscape offers you with effective rates for your custom software development […]

Nintex Workflow and Forms for Office 365

Effective, efficient and smooth workflow is the essence of a well-organized and excellently managed business. With an increasingly evolving business world, it is vital to integrate the latest software and platforms that help to make business streamlined and perform in the best possible manner. Nintex is one of the global leaders in business and corporate […]

SharePoint Development Services in – Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Teamwork is an essential part of an organization. Corporations spend millions every year on team building exercises. What if you had a secure, efficient and easy-to-access platform which allowed your team members to be on the same page and ensure better and faster completion of projects? SharePoint technology is one of the best solutions for […]

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