January 23, 2023, 16 Mins Read

Microsoft Azure Cloud Security Service 

Microsoft Azure Cloud Security Service  In the digital landscape, data and information play a pivotal role for every organization. The rapid grow

September 07, 2022, 4 Mins Read

How Microsoft’s AI-driven Solutions Helps Businesses in Digital Selling Post-Pandemic?

In this new world of work, keeping technology and businesses interconnected is the new normal for any organization to thrive in today’s environm

June 29, 2022, 5 Mins Read

6 Ways Financial Services CRM Help Build Customer Relationships

Are you looking for a dedicated system that improves customer experience? Nowadays, financial services or banking operations are entirely different fr

March 24, 2022, 4 Mins Read

Dynamics 365: Better Employee, Customer & Resource Management!

With time, managing a business process becomes confronting because collecting all the tasks and activities is not a cup of tea. That’s why businesse

March 16, 2022, 4 Mins Read

Dynamics 365: A Much-Required Technology For Finance Industry

The manual business model to run a business is becoming obsolete and absurd in the market. It must be replaced by some tools and technology that could

March 14, 2022, 5 Mins Read

Task Recorder: An Important Trait Of Dynamics 365 For Modern Business

Task recorder is a trait to capture the task automatically that comes along with the general features of Dynamics 365 finance and operations. The task

January 17, 2023, 25 Mins Read

How To Build Intranet Platform

A platform for an intranet is built in the following stages: Define the intranet’s objectives and purpose. Determine the particular organisation

July 20, 2022, 9 Mins Read

Microsoft Inspire 2022: Big Announcements You Must Know

“Every organization in every industry will continue to infuse digital technology into every business and function so that they can do more with

November 23, 2021, 5 Mins Read

2021 MS Ignite: Microsoft takes the biggest Technology Leap of this era

Microsoft Ignite has been a seismic drift towards Advance Technologies that ought to change the backdrop of every Line of Business starting

November 16, 2021, 5 Mins Read

MS Ignite: Know New Updates on Security, Compliance, Identity & Management

Security Announcement At Ignite Nov’21; Microsoft declared to provide a top-notch security experience to the customers that could reflect with A

November 15, 2021, 4 Mins Read

Microsoft Ignite’21: Know What’s New in Microsoft Power Platform

Ignite Takes on a Deeper Integration Between Power Platforms and Teams With the high degree of adoption of digital transformation, the need to grab th

November 13, 2021, 4 Mins Read

Check out the Latest Updates on Microsoft Edge at Ignite’21

Let’s Celebrate the Cross-Platform Journey of Microsoft Edge MS Ignite Nov ’21, also Cherishes the Customer Movement to IE mode, Linux, an

January 06, 2023, 6 Mins Read

Is it Better to Switch from On-premises IT Infrastructure to the Azure Cloud?

Well, in 2017, there was a survey in which nearly 200 IT managers participated. And the survey revealed 79% of them were committed to cloud projects s

December 02, 2022, 6 Mins Read

Key Benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop for Your Business

Building Resiliency in the Uncertainty of Business – To prepare yourself for the perfect storm, you can’t just survive being motionless in your sh

October 07, 2022, 4 Mins Read

Spark Security with Azure Cloud for Government Sovereignty

In the digitally connected world, various business verticals, including government agencies, experience severe cyberattacks and malicious activities t

September 21, 2022, 7 Mins Read

Use the Right Azure Data Migration Tools to Simplify Migration

The recent Flexera survey revealed that nearly 57% of organizations are migrating their workloads to the cloud, which means nearly six out of ten busi

June 29, 2022, 5 Mins Read

How to Secure Critical Business Data with Microsoft Azure?

Organizations store a large amount of sensitive business information on the cloud. This activity attracts cybercriminals and allows them to penetrate

May 17, 2022, 4 Mins Read

Assimilate The Cloud Platform With Bitscape’s Azure Services

The value of cloud-driven services is not concealed or confined to a specific industry anymore. To defy the rigidness and limited capabilities of on-p

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