Nintex Workflow and Forms for Office 365

Effective, efficient and smooth workflow is the essence of a well-organized and excellently managed business. With an increasingly evolving business world, it is vital to integrate the latest software and platforms that help to make business streamlined and perform in the best possible manner.

Nintex is one of the global leaders in business and corporate solutions. The company designs and develops highly efficiency-enhancing apps and software to work perfectly with the globally popular Office 365 business platform.

Nintex Workflow and Forms for Office 365

Advantages of Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms for Office 365

Nintex Workflow and Nintex Form are two of the top popular Office 365 extension apps. These are specifically designed to optimize your business processes and make it relevant in today’s age.

Check out these top 4 advantages that you get when you integrate the Nintex Workflow, and Nintex Forms applications into your Office 365 platform:

1 Streamline all your business processes

Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms can help streamline and manage numerous of your business processes, including application, approval, and denial of projects or processes. From simple applications as employee leaves to complex applications, such as decision-making for tough processes, these apps efficiently manage your various business processes.

2 Easy integration creates efficient customer workflows

Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms are easily customizable and can help in effective branding across all departments in your business. These apps are able to provide consistent branding for your staff using CSS. From adding company logo and colors to your business forms to customizing even the boxes in the forms, Nintex allows you to make extensive customizations in your business forms and workflow.

3 Easy User Interface

Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms are designed to be easiest to use by company employees. The simple, yet effective, design coupled with faster processing capabilities make Nintex Workflow and Forms the easiest to develop efficient business workflows. The ‘drag-and-drop’ function is an efficient function which ultimately helps to make everyday business processes more efficient and faster.

4 Ease of Integration

The Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms for Office 365 are designed for easy integration into globally popular business platforms, such as your SQL, CRM or another such business service which is web-based. The apps are also easily integrated with popular online social networking platforms, such as Twitter or Yammer. There is no coding required to integrate these excellent apps into your existing business web-service platforms.


Why should you learn about Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms for Office 365?

As we have seen, Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms apps for Office 365 are excellent and efficient for ensuring streamlined and ideal business functioning.

To learn how to integrate and use the Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms in your Office 365 efficiently, you can take a simple 2-day introductory course from Microsoft.

This is a 2-day instructional course led by an expert instructor who will show you how to use the Nintex apps in Office 365, effectively. You will learn to use the Nintex apps with SharePoint online and to customize and automate your business processes easily.

At the completion of this course, you will:

  • Understand the instances when Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms can be used with SharePoint online.
  • Be able to automate the commonly performed business processes, such as approval and feedback.
  • Know how and when you can create a site and list workflows.
  • Be capable of using various workflow options to bring uniformity to business processes, such as in copying or deleting documents, as and when required.
  • Learn to create custom data entry forms for use with SharePoint.

Learning to integrate and use the Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms is an essential skill today. It is highly advised for corporate employees to understand the numerous excellent features in these business processing apps and help to run business processes more effectively and efficiently.

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SharePoint Development Services in – Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Teamwork is an essential part of an organization. Corporations spend millions every year on team building exercises. What if you had a secure, efficient and easy-to-access platform which allowed your team members to be on the same page and ensure better and faster completion of projects?

SharePoint technology is one of the best solutions for building an efficient, effective and strong team. This technology is a development platform designed for use with SharePoint Add-Ins and other farm solutions.

Learn more about the vast possibilities that SharePoint opens up for your company’s progress:


SharePoint Development Ahmedabad
Image Source: Microsoft SharePoint

What is SharePoint Development Platform?

SharePoint Development platform is truly versatile when it comes to building solution and add-ins that have varied scopes to satisfy the different needs of an organization. There are distinct features, aspects, technologies and capabilities in it that make this virtual platform an ideal solution.

 Steps to Get Started with SharePoint Development

These are the simple few steps that will introduce you to the immense possibilities of the advanced and innovative SharePoint Development tool, and how to best use them for your requirements:

Step 1 – Sign Up for Microsoft Virtual Academy

If you are making a transition from another coding language, or just starting to learn about SharePoint, we suggest that you should first sign up for the Microsoft Virtual Academy and use it. This free service by the software giant offers tons of important information for all levels of developers, through all kinds of languages and technologies.

This is one of the essential steps to know more about this immensely useful team sharing platform.

Step 2 – Learn basics of C++

Most programmers have a sufficient, if not expert, grasp of the omnipotent C++ coding language, or for another such popular language. You need only understand the basic structure of how the namespaces, functions, and classes work together to grasp enough about SharePoint development.

Watching a few tutorials online is an effective way to brush up on your C++ skills.

Step 3 – Understand the basics of CSS and HTML

Although this might seem like a daunting task, it gets easier once you begin to understand the basic functions in these languages. You don’t need to become an expert, just knowing the basic working of these languages should be enough to prepare to use SharePoint platform.

Again, going through a few tutorials on the basics of HTML and CSS can be a whole lot of help.

Step 4 – Learn about SharePoint more

This is the last, and not the first step, because it is essential to grasp the base functions of the above-mentioned technologies and languages if you wish to know how to use the SharePoint Development platform in the best possible way.

There are SharePoint books and loads of other information material available online to help learn the basic of this amazing technology. You can practice creating your own VM and install SharePoint. The free trial packs are the way to go ahead with this.

 Advantages of SharePoint Development

These are the distinct advantages resulting from using the advanced SharePoint Development platform for corporate requirements:

Effective Farm Solutions

SharePoint Development platform helps you build server-side farm solutions which add extensively to the basic SharePoint utility.

Extensive Functionality

SharePoint provided SharePoint Add-Ins which can effectively use standard web technologies (such as OData, OAuth, and JavaScript) to allow you easy interaction with the other SharePoint resources and other hosting options.

Capable Cloud Solutions

The new SharePoint Add-Ins are designed to allow users to build add-ins which can efficiently run using cloud storage, instead of just the SharePoint farm. This flexibility makes SharePoint development platform easy to use, similar to other popular web hosting technologies.

Seeing the immense rise of industries and companies in Western India, SharePoint Development in Ahmedabad is becoming increasingly popular. As more and more corporations realize the immense versatility, flexibility and efficiency of this advanced platform, users are flocking to try this new and amazing SharePoint Development in Ahmedabad.

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Where to Get the Best Microsoft Azure Backup Service in Ahmedabad?

In today’s age where the best resource is considered to be information, it is highly essential to keep it stored safely and with efficient ease of access. Currently, cloud-based data storage services are being increasingly demanded by small and large IT and other companies all around the world.

Azure Backup Service is an excellent choice when it comes to safeguarding, storing and accessing vital data or information relating to your business.

Microsoft Azure Service Ahmedabad

What is Azure Backup Service?

Azure backup service is an efficient online backup service from the world-renowned brand. This is a readymade service, allowing you an unmatched flexibility of choice to pick and choose the data which you wish to store safely, for as long as you require to.

This advanced cloud platform is designed to be affordable for long-term and short-term retention of industrial data. The cloud-based platform also allows you to load virtual machines, or single files and folders, free, as and when you require.

 Why Choose Azure Backup Service for Your Business?

Azure Backup Service is an excellent choice for corporate clients when it comes to ensuring safety, and ease of accessibility, for relevant and important industrial data stored by you.

These are the efficient aspects of Azure Backup Service that makes it the top choice of corporations from around the globe:

Affordable alternative for cutting costs

The cloud platform is designed to offer users the best, safest and easiest way to store and access their important industrial data and information from anywhere around the world.

As this platform can be engaged for any amount of time, conveniently with a pay-as-you-go basis, according to your requirements, it makes an ideal choice for storing essential industrial data here. It provides an easy and affordable storage facility for huge amounts of data.

 Easiest to use

The Backup Service in Azure allows you to access the cloud storage from on-site and can be efficiently accessed through any conventional Linux, Windows, Hyper-V and VMware system.

This efficient cloud-based service is designed to automatically detect all your authorized on-site VMware virtual machines and helps to connect these to Azure. With just three simple clicks you can backup all your data and Azure VMs. In case you accidentally lose any data, the central backup storage allows you to easily restore the data of your choice. Another efficient feature with this is that with only a few clicks you can easily export your Power BI reports regarding your backup, for efficient compliance.

Protection against Ransomware

The Azure Backup Service is also designed to let you set up access to the stored data on the cloud in a customized access system. With this, only authorized personnel in your company are able to perform critical backup functions.

The cloud service will also send a notification in case it detects any suspicious activity on your account. This precautionary step allows preventing data from being stolen or lost to ransomware.

In case, an unauthorized deletion occurs for your stored data; the backup is still kept safe for a number of days. This gives you sufficient time for action and start the successful recovery of your data.

Choose the best Azure Backup Service in Ahmedabad to stay a step ahead of the competition. With the advanced and efficient cloud platform, storing, accessing and sharing big data has become easier, effective and more affordable in India.

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