Collaborate on Visio files inside Microsoft Teams

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With Microsoft as always leading the IT sector in giving latest updates and innovations, it is time again that we heard of something new and worthwhile that actually makes a difference. The concept of Microsoft Teams that adds up to the overall experience of Microsoft 365 is a complete 360 degree change in the methods that teams work. Bringing an ease in the method of file sharing, online chats, live interactions and much more, Microsoft Teams is bringing a paradigm change in the work culture of multiple organisations that looked forward to a single platform for total inter company interactions and an increase in the overall working pace of the organisation.

How Bitscape helps: With complete work culture integration on a single platform, our team of technical experts guide you on creating a hassle free micro environment for easy file sharing and much more, thus facilitating internal communication and accelerating tasks that earlier increased TAT. Sharing of audio, videos, documents, group communications, screens and more of media communication makes it comparatively easier for managers and employees to work, share and delegate tasks. Passionate about our work and enthusiastic about creating solutions, our team is available round the clock and hence is easily accessible to reach out for quick guidance and support.

With such latest developments and expertise available to assist through these new advancements, Work cultures are bound to experience a magnanimous change this leading to more organisational benefits and improved outputs.


Microsoft, the biggest player in the domain has acquired GitHub

Going with the Latest news that has come up as no less than a quake in the IT Sector, Microsoft, the biggest player in the domain has acquired GitHub,  the world’s largest community forum of developers and coders with a whopping number of 28M developers an 85M repositories worldwide. While there are mixed reactions from the community of developers with GitHub regarding this acquisition, it is more or less being seen as a welcome change as the community is already catering to huge organizations such as Google and Facebook for high end developing projects and the M&A with Microsoft will be no less than a jackpot for the developer community if things go the smooth way. The deal that has cost Microsoft a good $7.5bn will surely aim making the coder community more leveraged and powerful than earlier and getting a lot more work on a global level into their kitty.

Whilst some of the inmates are of the view that the acquisition of the 10 year old forum was inevitable and are sad about it, some are positive that it is Microsoft that took the step and has now access to the largest code repositories and developers on a single platform. Though that means that Microsoft has added a major chunk to its already existing people that it is now responsible for, developers and coders are in the hope that the cultural changes that would come into picture with Microsoft stepping in would be radical and might take some time to spread out to the entire community.

Although there has been no clarity yet on how the humungous data would be used by Microsoft and how it plans to reap on its investment, but surely the IT Giant would not plan such a strong step until it has some strategic benefits for  them in the near future as well as in the long run. This has also brought up a question that whether companies such as Facebook, Google, Linked, Apple, etc. would continue to be regularly associated with GitHub as earlier now that Microsoft is also involved in the picture. While this unfolds at a not so gradual pace, the best way to know what will happen and what major changes this might cause in the IT Sector is to wait for things to happen and then make the most of it.

Power BI is the Perfect Security Partner in Corporate Data Sharing Processes

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With technology advancing at an unprecedented pace today, it has become essential for corporations to ensure optimal security when it comes to sharing confidential corporate reports and other such information. Bitscape offers consulting services for Microsoft Power BI platform,  so you can get the perfect solution to your business data analysis and sharing needs.

 What is MS Power BI?

Simply speaking, the Microsoft Power BI platform allows you to share, provide access and secure reports and dashboards created by you, with other authorized users only. This is the efficient way today of providing limited/complete, access to users, depending on the level of their role.

The Microsoft Power BI security system is the perfect tool to improve your business performance. It allows you to create analytics, and get deeper insight into your market, to make smart, profitable business decisions. With the Power BI platform now you can achieve the optimal level of data security in sharing sensitive corporate dashboards and reports, like never before.

The Security in Power BI Structure

Each Power BI system consists of two clusters:

  1. Web Front End (WFE) – This cluster is responsible for managing the initial connection and authentication procedure for the Power BI Suite. It uses AAD authentication process for clients, and provides tokens to help connect directly with the Power BI service. The ATM (Azure Traffic Manager) is then used to direct user traffic to the nearest datacenter efficiently, using the DNS record of the clients. The Azure CDN (Content Delivery Network) is used to share the necessary non-dynamic content and files with the client/users, according to their specific geographical location.
  2. Back End (BE) – This cluster helps clients with authentication to successfully interact with the various Power BI services. It helps to manage user dashboards, visualizations, reports, data connection, data sets, data storage and other interactive aspects of the Power BI Suite. The user requests for access to any content or file is handles with the Gateway Role, which is the sole role that the user will interact directly with while using the Power BI service. The Gateway Role, in turn, is operated by the Azure API Management tool.


Salient Benefits of using Power BI Security

These are top three benefits that are seen when you employ MS Power BI for corporate data storage, access and security purposes:

Secure Data Storage

The restricted direct user-access through Power BI is probably the best security feature in this service suite. The Power BI security procedure allows users to interact directly only with the Gateway Role and Azure API Management, while the rest of the aspects of Power BI, such as Presentation Role, Data Role, Background Job Processing Role and Data Movement Role are out of the user’s reach.

Any form of data sent to the Power BI storage, is stored and managed using two different components:

  • Azure BLOB – This stores all data uploaded by the users.
  • Azure SQL Database – This stores and manages artifacts of the system and all metadata files.

This clear demarcation for user-accessibility to the different components of the Power BI allows it to effectively keep all user data and corporate information stored in MS Azure safe and completely secure.

Excellent User Authentication

The AAD (Azure Active Directory) is used by the Power BI for authenticating users, as soon as they login, as well as when requesting access to any data or content in the storage. A simple email address is needed to login to the Power BI services, as this inherently becomes your Username on the system too.

Apart from this excellent authentication procedure, the Power BI security platform also allows adding customized AAD-based security protocols, enhancing multi-tenant system security and improving your network security effectively.

Successful Service Security

Normally, users are responsible for sharing data. In case a user logs-in with their effective Username, and share any content (dataset, dashboard, etc) they are connected to within the specific data source, the shared data is not restricted by conventional restriction measures.

Only connections with SQL Server Analysis Services, through On-Premises Data Gateway, are able to cache dashboards in Power BI. If the user wishes to allow access to other users to the underlying data, then such an authentication can also be granted.

BITSCAPE has been a prominent provider of Microsoft, especially the Azure cloud-based services at a global scale. The company is renowned for offering the best and most effective IT solutions for small and large corporate clients.

Know the Power of Power BI Designing Visuals

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Data assimilation doesn’t simply end with the report or dashboard. Bitscape offers Microsoft Power BI consulting services. With Microsoft Power BI, it is now possible to collect and process business data to provide users with excellent, versatile and truly dynamic dashboard designs.

The aim behind making the dashboard more attractive is not to make it aesthetically appealing, but rather to provide an easy-to-read interface that provides users with the relevant information easily. Bitscape can assist you with use of Power BI visual design feature, so you can make your dashboard look clean, organized and better for use by others too.

3 Tips to Design an Ideal Power BI Dashboard

The extensive Microsoft Power BI designing visuals are perfect to create dashboards that help to display the required information faster, and in a better manner, to the user.

These simple expert tips will help you to improve your Power BI Dashboard designing skills, to make it an ideal dashboard:

Tip 1 – Consider the Audience

As your aim is to provide your market audience with the most appealing and effective dashboard, before designing a Power BI dashboard, it is important to consider the target audience’s:

  • Vital decision-making metrics
  • Use of the particular dashboard
  • Cultural/learning experience’s effect on design choice
  • Need for relevant, updated and accurate information
  • Choice of location for displaying the dashboard

Mainly, the dashboard works as a single point to monitor multiple aspects of the business, sort of an overview of the current business performance. A large number of datasets and reports usually combine to become the information displayed on a dashboard, which can contain a large amount of detail.

Tip 2 – Fit a story on one screen

As dashboards need to provide the relevant information in a concise manner, whenever possible, for the users, it becomes important to prioritize the information to be actually displayed on the dashboard.

Try to keep the tiles aligned, avoiding scrollbars as much as possible, and ensure that the information can be seen in the ‘Full Screen’ mode.

Tip 3 – Effectively display prominent information

The trick to make the users realize the prioritized information is to set the relevant information in a bigger or more prominent font than the others. Always ensure to provide the correct context with such prominently displayed information for better understanding.

Experts suggest that the best location to put the most important information on a dashboard is on the upper left hand corner, followed with the less prioritized information as you go lower.

Using Power BI visual design, it becomes possible to make your dashboards be impressive, accurate, organized and highly convenient for the targeted audience. Contact Bitscape to understand   the true potential of Power BI visual design features.