Building a Calling and Meetings practice

Building a Calling and Meetings practice

November 23, 2020 | Digital Marketing, MS Dynamics 365

The first step in building a #Calling and #Meetings practice is to know the market landscape. For example, research shows that the #workplace is more teams based and mobile than ever: 80% of employee time is spent collaborating, 56% of meetings have at least one #remoteattendee, and 72% of employees are mobile workers.

Customers are seeking flexible solutions to enable users to fill their calling and meeting needs across all types of devices and networks—while still meeting security and #ITrequirements. But sometimes they don’t know where to start. This guide is the place!

The more familiar with it you are, the better you can support your customers. Download this 7-step guide for direction and support of how to build a Calling and Meetings practice. Understand the steps so you can help your customers leverage #MicrosoftTeams to meet their business goals.

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