July 27, 2021, 1 Min Read

Leveraging Tech to Improve Customer Experience: 11 Smart Techniques

CX is vital in helping a company retain its customers and grow its customer base through organic referrals. From intelligent chatbots available 24/7 t

June 24, 2021, 3 Mins Read

How is the IT Industry Shaping Banking and Finance Services?

More than 70% of BFSI industry professionals believe that creating digital capabilities and modernizing legacy systems are top technology concerns for

June 09, 2021, 1 Min Read

What Will Manufacturing’s New Normal Be After COVID-19?

Major global crises have indelibly shaped the history of manufacturing as companies and consumers adapt to rapidly changing conditions. With COVID-19,

May 17, 2021, 1 Min Read

Deliver intelligent supply chain | NRF 2020

Customer expectations are changing, and the demand for personalized experiences puts pressure on a company's supply chain. @MSFTDynamics365 offers a h

May 17, 2021, 4 Mins Read

Trending Technologies for Banking and Finance Services

The need for technological evolution in the banking and finance sector has become more of a need and less of a desire. As the covid cases kept rising,

February 01, 2021, 1 Min Read

Adoption and Change Management | Bitscape

Adoption and Change Management The #transformation focuses on the activities required to prepare #organizations for the delivered change from the old

January 01, 2021, 1 Min Read

Cloud data centers will process 94% of workloads in 2021

#Cloud #datacenters will process 94% of workloads in #2021

December 24, 2020, 1 Min Read

Stock Quotes

Stock Quotes web part is used to show the #stockprice of the company.

December 23, 2020, 1 Min Read

Product Revenue Analytics

Product Revenue Analytics dashboard design to monitors target vs #revenueinsights. It delivers a solution to provide holistic #insights to visualize p

December 19, 2020, 1 Min Read

Vertical Timeline

Vertical Timeline This web part generates a Facebook like a #verticaltimeline. The timeline is built automatically from a #SharePoint calendar list f