November 22, 2021, 1 Min Read

3 fundamentals for a successful hybrid cloud

When you use a hybrid network with Microsoft, you can manage infrastructure more easily, innovate faster, and improve security, as well as consistentl

November 16, 2021, 1 Min Read

Building Intelligent Cloud Applications

Take your app development skills to the next level when you combine serverless computing, AI, and Machine Learning to build intelligence into your app

September 28, 2021, 1 Min Read

GE powers its culture of curiosity with the Microsoft cloud

With #Microsoft #Office365 and Windows 10, #GeneralElectric is digitally enabling its 300,000-person workforce to make sense of machine data, realize

September 27, 2021, 1 Min Read

4 Trends Impacting Cloud Adoption in 2020

Gartner has identified 4 trends set to shape cloud adoption in 2020. What are they, and how will they impact your cloud adoption and migration journey

August 17, 2021, 1 Min Read

Shipping company navigates to the cloud, boosts security, cuts operating costs by 50%

What started with better employee email led to a digital transformation with #Microsoft solutions for #Nakilat -boosting security and reducing operati

July 26, 2021, 1 Min Read

Navigate data protection and risk in the cloud era

Digital transformation in the cloud era has led to an explosion of data, and that means you need evolving ways to protect it. With @Microsoft365, you

June 04, 2021, 4 Mins Read

Cloud computing: The Future of Technology

As said by Mr. Plummer, every business is now transferring to cloud services for better working of the business. Cloud computing delivers various solu

February 10, 2021, 1 Min Read

El Rio Health serves clients more securely with Microsoft’s cloud-based tools

Too many nonprofits have acquired individual security-enhancing tools over time, presenting IT staff with navigation challenges. Play this video to le

January 04, 2021, 1 Min Read

6 risks and opportunities of the intelligent, connected cloud

Within three years, 43 percent of the global workforce will become mobile, making the need for reliable and scalable cloud-based security a crucial on

December 15, 2020, 1 Min Read

Cloud security advice for nonprofit leaders

You CAN demand more from your technology—stay on top of security and compliance issues with @Microsoft365. Download a free e-book and connect with B