October 05, 2021, 2 Mins Read

Know the Business Benefits of Microsoft Viva; Attend Webinar by BITSCAPE

Get ready to know about the latest solution offered by Microsoft for the modern employee experience. As a Gold partner of Microsoft, we offer an open

June 15, 2021, 4 Mins Read

The more you transform digitally, The better you grow.

We all know that getting out of one’s comfort zone is not the easiest thing to do, and not everybody is tech-savvy. But to keep your business re

May 07, 2021, 4 Mins Read

Technology to Fight Against Pandemic Loss of Wholesale and Distribution Industry

The wholesale distributors buy products from manufacturers and supply or sell them to customers, which more likely are retailers, commercial establish

May 06, 2021, 4 Mins Read

Top 6 Technology Services for Manufacturing Industry you need to know about

Manufacturing Industry and Technology Technology has transformed the way products are manufactured. The key elements that affected this are the Intern

April 16, 2021, 6 Mins Read

Meeting Room Reservation System: Process, Features, and Benefits

You may have come across issues like filled conference rooms at peak times and missed meetings due to this. For such reason, important meetings need t

April 15, 2021, 1 Min Read

Emerging data trends in supply chain management

Emerging data trends in supply chain management suggest that a digital supply chain, customer and supplier data, and cloud and robotics data are key t

March 31, 2021, 4 Mins Read

Transformational IT Services & Solutions for Travel and Tourism Business

The travel and tourism industry has experienced a profound impact of digital transformation over the last decade. The way digital technology has been

July 29, 2020, 1 Min Read

5 Roadblocks Holding Back Your Data-Driven Goals?

"Legacy-era thinking isn't just going to move out of the way to allow data-driven work styles to take over. You need to make a conscious effort to wel

July 21, 2020, 1 Min Read

Lizo | Digital transformation in the oil & gas industry: seamless scaling and automatic updating

Updating software and installing on-premises infrastructure takes time—time away from running your business. Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB processing ti

June 09, 2020, 1 Min Read

Digital Transformation in the Oil & Gas Industry: Collect and Monitor Sensor Data

If you're investing in technology to provide immediate feedback, why not also invest in a platform that allows you to use the data for efficient decis