Collaborative Platform on SharePoint 2013

Collaborative Platform on SharePoint 2013

November 2, 2015 | Digital Marketing, Collaboration SharePoint

Business expansion, regulations, manufacturing, promotion, discovering and sales all these areas along with your life science enterprise’s value chain, contains complex collaboration and content management.  With Bitscape’s SharePoint 2013 services ,your enterprise collaborate and communicate with your in-house and offshore team members and ties information so that workers can access and work on data simultaneously and exchange the information in safe and secure environment using SharePoint workflows as it is strong and customizable.

As an enterprise owner you always need paths to streamline these processes and make sure that the correct people can only get information. At the same time, your technology consultants feel confident that the suitable privacy and protection features are in place to meet regulatory requirement.

A collaboration platform is a kind of business software which includes broad social networking capabilities to processes the work. The objective of a collaboration software application is to promote innovation by incorporating knowledge management into business processes so users or employees can share information and resolve business troubles more proficiently.

If your enterprise is an international business and you have an employee working at on-shore and offshore sites and facing difficulties in corresponding and sharing data which needs to be moved back and forth your enterprise is looking for a platform or a channel which offers flawless communication presentation and information then users can work simultaneously on data on same platform which facilitates,

  • Well – organized structure to handle the workflow between onshore and offshore team.
  • Unique analysis for different users based on the access rights to the users.
  • Set auto priority work.
  • Managing and maintaining historical records for each file’s workflows.
  • For excel file there is a formation of exporting the activity log.

Vendors are considering different approaches to build collaboration platforms. Some enterprises adding up a “social layer” to legacy business applications where as others are inserting collaboration tools into new products. All enterprise would like to have successful collaboration platforms share certain attributes so that they require to be easily accessible and easy to use, it is necessary for them to build a set of functions which support team collaboration, issue tracking and messaging.

At Bitscape, being an IT consulting company our consultants with excellent technology knowledge helped many businesses in their business happenings to create a responsive platform which facilitates value for technology investment and eventually productivity.