Dynamics 365: Better Employee, Customer & Resource Management!

Dynamics 365: Better Employee, Customer & Resource Management!

March 24, 2022 | Bitscape Team, Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365, A Vital Asset for Employee, Resource and Customer Management 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the consolidation of intelligent CRM and ERP solutions that are used to simplify business processes like building leads and clients, targeting specific customer segments, creating ad campaigns for sales, marketing, and other business prospects. The automation tool is gaining rapid acceleration in the global business, and thus, dynamics 365 development services are being widely embraced by any company or enterprise across the trading continents. 

With the capability of creating, deploying, and giving support to the modern CRM and ERP solution, Microsoft brings great control over the sales ratio, enhances client satisfaction, and boosts the company’s operational behavior and productivity. Be it workforce automation, marketing solution, business intelligence, streamlined flow of information or order, service, and accounts management, Dynamics 365 plays a phenomenal role in the growth and development of the company. 

Major Benefits of ERP & CRM Solution 

Enhanced Operational Efficiency:

By the process of optimizing and streamlining the business system, Microsoft D365 leverages the operational approach, thus increasing efficiency. The agile and diverse engine allows the organization to automate the operation and working hierarchy according to real-time needs and demands. It releases the burden and enables the employee to focus on more vital aspects. Automating the consistent and repetitive task across many verticals deploys the ability to make the client’s issue more understandable so that they can be easily entertained with better resolution.   

Better Customization:

Dynamics 365 has been designed in such a way that it gets enhanced with a better customization approach. The employee and resource management and the view’s links and forms can be customized and configured with additional enhancement. The tailor-made functionality is why every global organization relentlessly seeks its benefits. 

Right and correct information only to authorized people:

The unique attribute of Dynamics 365 ensures that you have the optimum tools that have the capability to ensure the delivery of correct data to authorized folks. They might be using the web, mobile, or MS Outlook, but information deployment should always pass through an ethical pipeline. A good Microsoft dynamics 365 consultant has the ability to reinforce your solution with the same attributes. 

Target-specific marketing campaign:

It’s much important that you design, deploy, and offer a product according to the clients, customers, and market value. Microsoft Dynamics 365 paves an automation method that could simplify functions like: Building customer leads and a list of clients, creating purpose-driven sales and marketing campaigns, analyzing the result, and executing the follow-up method. 

Easy schedule of service:

The most important aspect of offering a great client and customer experience is about ensuring that you don’t miss the real-time conference and service call. Microsoft Dynamics 365 highly aims to offer centralized and one-page service requests and another upcoming schedule. Users can now easily identify the request and orders as per the chronological pattern to ensure customer satisfaction. 

Integration with Outlook:

Microsoft D365 transforms Outlook into a single page and efficient tool for managing client’s data and communication’. A dynamics 365 development services 

should have the ability to place various marketing prospects, leads, sales, and other information into a central location. 

Streamlined integration with Excel:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 conveniently integrates with Excel so that organizations and companies can be swift decision-makers. Excel is one of the effective tools that conventionally converts data into information that can be bifurcated, shared, transferred, and evaluated. The Fabolous integration of Excel allows you to protect the clients’ information into Pivot Chart dynamics views or snapshots, thus making a major benefit in the business. 

Application and datacentre integration:

Dynamics 365 allows companies to initiate a solo integration with traditional or old-school business solutions and applications. Personalizing email marketing with surveys, website records, and web tracking is a unique feature that Microsoft dynamics 365 consultants always come up with. Synchronizing renewal plans and other customer information is also another attribute of CRM and ERP solutions. 

Improved communication:

Irrespective of the location we are operating from, Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultants try to improve the communication channel across the business. It also aims to filter the data that is required to figure out the sales, marketing, and meeting updates. 

Scalable infrastructure and database:

D365 gives you simple and user-friendly features to customize the workflow, projection, and security pattern. It eradicates the custom coding and helps you to manage the support and solution for controlled deployment, better performance, modern features, end-to-end assistance, and seamlessly manage finances and business solutions. So, the ERP and CRM deliveries are the one-stop solution for managing successful and comprehensive relationships. 

Why Choose Bitscape? 

Being the preferred Gold Partner of Microsoft, Bitscape helps you to get the best out of your digital budget, drafted for better functionality and improved return of investment. The custom solution easily integrates with the modern application that refines the financial delivery, encourages productivity, and reduces the operational cost with advanced market strategies for the contemporary work environment. 

With innumerable analysis and countless insights, we offer an exceptional CRM and ERP solution for a wide range of industries and business sectors that brings on easy functionality and constant growth across the company. 

The 4th Industrial revolution has introduced a full-fledged business expansion, and it’s important to choose a wise and efficient service provider. Bitscape is certainly one among them!