Microsoft Joins @Home Solutions

Microsoft Joins @Home Solutions

October 31, 2008 | Digital Marketing, Digital Solutions

Microsoft’s, developer mission is to bring experiences that allow any developer, build any application on every OS and this mission need to be open, flexible, and interoperable: to meet developers and development group where they are, and offer tools, services and platforms that aid them take ideas into creation.

Microsoft Corp. has joined further equipment suppliers as an associate in the @Home Solutions venture, which provides broadband Internet-access systems to small & mid cable operators. Microsoft will become a favorite vendor to the business enterprise. It will start working to include its Windows NT server-operating system into @Home Network for the Solutions markets, and it will offer other technology and advertising support.

In an attempt to support and drive developers to make additional use of the Microsoft Ecosystem, Microsoft has joined the Linux Group.
The Microsoft system is designed to make resources available to an extensive variety of technology companies so that they can construct solutions around Microsoft technologies. In this case, Microsoft needs to drive more use of Azure, Windows 10, & Office 365.

Linux is an OS platform that is available as free and open-source software. This means that anybody is freely licensed to apply and change the software in any means, resulting in an operating system that is extensively utilized to power servers, desktops, Android Smartphone and additional devices.
With joining the Linux Foundation, Microsoft is providing developers to utilize more tools regardless of their preferred platform, making the Microsoft Ecosystem platforms more popular for building cross-platform applications & solutions. In other ways, Microsoft wants developers creating apps for its system whether they’re working in Linux or in Azure.

This is in fact a big deal folk. This could mean that Microsoft is taking their primary step to free and open-source OS. With their improved interest in the hardware side of effects, this would be a reasonable next step for them, allowing the Linux group to create their software for them which would mean superior and safer OS’s. Linux-based Windows 11.

As part of its attempt to work more closely with the open source society, Microsoft announced it has joined the Linux group as a Platinum Member. Microsoft’s association with Linux will advantage customers through increased collaboration and innovation between diverse systems.

Tools for every developer on any platform

Microsoft highlighted numerous announcements aimed at supporting developers use the tools of their preference to generate android, iOS and Windows apps powered by Linux or Windows Server, including the following:

  • The SQL Server on Linux public preview released is the initial preview of the upcoming version of SQL Server & gets the power of SQL Server to Linux & Linux-based Docker containers, as well as Windows.
  • A latest Visual Studio for Mac preview offer a Mac OS-based incorporated development environment designed for making mobile, cloud and Mac OS apps.
  • The accessibility of Azure App Service on Linux with support for Containers in preview offer native Linux support for Node.js & PHP stacks on Azure App Service and now allow developers to bring their own Docker-formatted image.