Power BI: The Future of Data Visualization

Power BI: The Future of Data Visualization

December 20, 2021 | Bitscape Team, Power BI

What is the need of Data Visualization in today’s business? 

In the world of Big Data, data visualization tools and techniques are essential to analyze a huge amount of data and make data-driven decisions. The technological revolution took expensive and difficult data to abundant and incomprehensible. Traditional software makes it impossible to store, understand and analyze the increasing volume of data. Data Visualization is what helps turn the ocean of data into easily understandable, visually compelling, analytical insights. The data visualization tools allow us a convenient way to see and understand trends, outliers, and patterns in data. 

Importance of Data Visualization: 

  • Helps decision-makers understand data interpretation to determine business decisions 
  • Leads audience to focus on business insights to discover areas requiring attention 
  • Handles a large amount of data in the form of pictures and summarizes unseen patterns in data, revealing insights to establish goals. 
  • Manage and convert trends into business by visualizing business data and making strategies of the information 
  • Reveals unnoticed key points about data sources to make decision-makers compose a data analysis report. 

A few of the leading Data Visualization tools in the market today are Tableau, IBM Cognos Analysis, Sisense, and Microsoft Power BI are undoubtedly one among them.  

Why choose Power BI? 

Why Power Bi

Microsoft Power BI derives insights and runs reports based on the company’s data. It connects to a larger variety of data sets and sorts outs the data it’s fed to absorb better and understand. The visuals generated in this can be shared with other users. It helps users see past happenings, present occurring, and future possibilities. It contains machine learning capabilities that help spot patterns in data and use those patterns to make informed forecasts about the ‘what-if’ scenarios. These evaluations help uses predict events and prepare ourselves for future demands and crucial metrics. 

Typically, business intelligence tools are used mainly by business analysts and data scientists, but the app’s user-friendly nature can be used by a range of professionals within a business. Depending on data relevancy and information access, it can generate dashboards. Different departments use it in different ways to keep a check on their progress and derive insights into their team’s performance.   

There are various benefits of this application: 

1. Minimal cost: 

Power BI has a free version, and its pro version has a monthly subscription facility. Thus, it can be very cost-effective and budget-friendly for the organization. Also, the organization only has to pay for the feature it wants, with no minimum payment and wastage. This is very beneficial and useful to the company. This avoids any wastage and medley in the tool.     

2. Across multiple platforms: 

Power BI is available across all platforms and devices. It can be accessed from anywhere at any time. This is what makes it really helpful and easy to use. It just needs a device with internet access and Power BI supporting service.   

3. Multiple data sources: 

Power BI is compatible with Microsoft and also with other sources like Excel, SQL Server, IBM database, etc.  

4. Dashboards: 

Power BI makes it easy to generate dashboards, and these dashboards are simple to share with other users and tailor the features there.    

5. Drag-and-drop functionality:  

Power BI dashboard has a drag-and-drop facility that helps to make presentation and analysis easy and instantly. Anyone, even without any technical experience and expertise, can analyse data, gain meaningful understandings, and create reports on the same with the help of this functionality. 

6. Drill-down functionality: 

If any attribute or function needs specification, then going deep down into it is called drill-down functionality. For e.g., If an employee’s attendance is 85% and the manager wants to know the specifications of this attendance, drill-down functionality comes in handy. 

7. Schedule:  

Power BI has a feature where you can schedule data to refresh daily or even hourly. 

8. Simple language: 

Power BI has integrated Machine Learning and thus can understand questions asked in secular language. It understands that and replies appropriately to the question, giving expected results and answers. 

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