Seven Signs Your Business Should Move To A New CRM System

“Good CRMs will not make you drool in admiration or write a pretty sonnet, but the bad ones will drive you and your employees crazy.”

CRM systems are a necessary component of being proactive in managing your business. These seven signs are a great way to assess whether your CRM solution is not just meeting expectations but empowering your organization to focus on putting the customer first.

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How to determine the right CRM and marketing automation for SMBs

With the right CRM and marketing automation solutions in place, you can grow your business and understand customers better. CRM technology can help you build customer relationships and improve performance. And marketing automation can help you to nurture these relationships, plus gain insights to make smarter marketing decisions. But before you invest in these tools, it’s important to understand your business needs and the solution capabilities.

At Bitscape, we specialize in integrated sales and marketing tools that can help you increase sales and deliver better customer experiences. Check out this article for tips on selecting CRM and marketing automation tools. And give us a call! We’d be glad to help you find the best solutions for your business.

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4 Reasons Why Companies are Choosing CRM Over Traditional Marketing tools

Within this digital marketing environment, relationship marketing is the name of the game and customer relationship management (CRM) is the method. With its ability to break down silos and offer insights across multiple functions, CRM is helping companies provide a cohesive and well-coordinated experience to customers. Check out this article to learn more about the benefits of CRM.

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Transforming The Customer Experience: Personalization CRM Solutions

In a world of instant gratification, customers expect more from the businesses they patron. That’s why you need a CRM solution that’s more than just a CRM platform. You need an all-in-one business management solution to streamline and connect business processes with customer experience. It’s the way of the future for a demanding generation of customers. Deliver the level of service and experience they deserve with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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Bitscape’s CRM Applications ( Customer Relationship Management )

Bitscape’s CRM applications or Customer relationship management applications assures to facilitate organizations customer retention and brand loyalty. However, Traditional CRM applications have failed to remain peace with changes in the market. These days’ customers have more choice and greater power than earlier. The CRM applications simply focused on sending better services and proactively meet customer needs in a complex global market. For the companies which are today looking to deliver a superior overall customer experience, then Bitscape’s CRM applications are the solution of choice.

Customer relationship management (CRM) refers to the practices, strategies and technologies which companies use to manage record and evaluate customer interaction in order to make sales growth by expanding and enriching business relationship with their customer. CRM systems are designed in a way to collect information on customer across different regions or points of contact between the customer and the company – which can contain the company’s website, telephone, live chat, direct mail, marketing resources and social media. CRM can also provide customer details information such as customer’s personal information, purchase history, first choices for buying and concerns.

Reasons for choosing Bitscape

Only Bitscape can deliver absolute, end-to-end customer lifecycle solutions. Traditional CRM can deliver only transactional, analytical and engagement features to manage all customer- facing operations. With modified new CRM delivers comprehensive broad on-premise and on-demand CRM solutions which are adapted to industry requirements and offer role-based customer intelligence.

CRM plays a significant role within the Bitscape customer experience portfolio, delivering customer experience across mobile, in –store, and field services with wide range of Bitscape foundation tools.

CRM Software

A CRM application is an enhanced way to manage so that your organization can be more structured, and do more with less. An efficient CRM application offers an organized, comprehensive view of a company’s customers and prospects and employees interactions with them. CRM software packages are available with down in prices as they migrated to host an applications or Saas solution which makes CRM available to a growing number of small and mid-size businesses.

CRM software combines customer information and documents into a single CRM database so business users can easily access the information and manage it. The most unique function of this software includes recording various customer interactions such as email, phone calls, social media and other channels.

Benefits of CRM

Which type of CRM product your business chooses is regardless, they recommend some of the same benefits, such as,

  • Comprehend which customers produce the most benefit

With the analyzing of buying behaviors and other customer data, your business can get to know better understanding of who are your best customers. Your business can easily differentiate the customer who provide highest profit margins and those who simply bring you the most revenue.

  • Evaluation of buying patterns

Understanding of customer buying patterns can again   assist you to spot potential high-value customers so that your business can make the most of your sales opportunities with those customers.

  • Capitalization on per-customer profits

Data which are gathered from CRM can help you lower the cost of selling to certain customers and assist you to increase profits from those customer interactions.