Know the Power of Power BI Designing Visuals

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Data assimilation doesn’t simply end with the report or dashboard. Bitscape offers Microsoft Power BI consulting services. With Microsoft Power BI, it is now possible to collect and process business data to provide users with excellent, versatile and truly dynamic dashboard designs.

The aim behind making the dashboard more attractive is not to make it aesthetically appealing, but rather to provide an easy-to-read interface that provides users with the relevant information easily. Bitscape can assist you with use of Power BI visual design feature, so you can make your dashboard look clean, organized and better for use by others too.

3 Tips to Design an Ideal Power BI Dashboard

The extensive Microsoft Power BI designing visuals are perfect to create dashboards that help to display the required information faster, and in a better manner, to the user.

These simple expert tips will help you to improve your Power BI Dashboard designing skills, to make it an ideal dashboard:

Tip 1 – Consider the Audience

As your aim is to provide your market audience with the most appealing and effective dashboard, before designing a Power BI dashboard, it is important to consider the target audience’s:

  • Vital decision-making metrics
  • Use of the particular dashboard
  • Cultural/learning experience’s effect on design choice
  • Need for relevant, updated and accurate information
  • Choice of location for displaying the dashboard

Mainly, the dashboard works as a single point to monitor multiple aspects of the business, sort of an overview of the current business performance. A large number of datasets and reports usually combine to become the information displayed on a dashboard, which can contain a large amount of detail.

Tip 2 – Fit a story on one screen

As dashboards need to provide the relevant information in a concise manner, whenever possible, for the users, it becomes important to prioritize the information to be actually displayed on the dashboard.

Try to keep the tiles aligned, avoiding scrollbars as much as possible, and ensure that the information can be seen in the ‘Full Screen’ mode.

Tip 3 – Effectively display prominent information

The trick to make the users realize the prioritized information is to set the relevant information in a bigger or more prominent font than the others. Always ensure to provide the correct context with such prominently displayed information for better understanding.

Experts suggest that the best location to put the most important information on a dashboard is on the upper left hand corner, followed with the less prioritized information as you go lower.

Using Power BI visual design, it becomes possible to make your dashboards be impressive, accurate, organized and highly convenient for the targeted audience. Contact Bitscape to understand   the true potential of Power BI visual design features.