Collaborative Platform on SharePoint 2013

Business expansion, regulations, manufacturing, promotion, discovering and sales all these areas along with your life science enterprise’s value chain, contains complex collaboration and content management.  With Bitscape’s SharePoint 2013 services ,your enterprise collaborate and communicate with your in-house and offshore team members and ties information so that workers can access and work on data simultaneously and exchange the information in safe and secure environment using SharePoint workflows as it is strong and customizable.

As an enterprise owner you always need paths to streamline these processes and make sure that the correct people can only get information. At the same time, your technology consultants feel confident that the suitable privacy and protection features are in place to meet regulatory requirement.

A collaboration platform is a kind of business software which includes broad social networking capabilities to processes the work. The objective of a collaboration software application is to promote innovation by incorporating knowledge management into business processes so users or employees can share information and resolve business troubles more proficiently.

If your enterprise is an international business and you have an employee working at on-shore and offshore sites and facing difficulties in corresponding and sharing data which needs to be moved back and forth your enterprise is looking for a platform or a channel which offers flawless communication presentation and information then users can work simultaneously on data on same platform which facilitates,

  • Well – organized structure to handle the workflow between onshore and offshore team.
  • Unique analysis for different users based on the access rights to the users.
  • Set auto priority work.
  • Managing and maintaining historical records for each file’s workflows.
  • For excel file there is a formation of exporting the activity log.

Vendors are considering different approaches to build collaboration platforms. Some enterprises adding up a “social layer” to legacy business applications where as others are inserting collaboration tools into new products. All enterprise would like to have successful collaboration platforms share certain attributes so that they require to be easily accessible and easy to use, it is necessary for them to build a set of functions which support team collaboration, issue tracking and messaging.

At Bitscape, being an IT consulting company our consultants with excellent technology knowledge helped many businesses in their business happenings to create a responsive platform which facilitates value for technology investment and eventually productivity.

SharePoint Workflow Integration

Bitscape’s Windows SharePoint Services facilitates a dynamic and customizable work setting for users or employees to generate, collaborate, accumulate and operate the business information. The workflow is unique method which allows users to arrange and run a set of work units and activities to generate an executive file for presentation of work process.

In SharePoint, Workflow process can control the life cycle of any project. The workflow can demonstrate the functions of system as well as human actions. In SharePoint the workflow functions can be simple as well as detailed which absolutely depends upon your company’s requirements. You can generate workflows which can be instigated by user or Windows SharePoint services.

The workflow explains regular day to day business processes of the enterprise which can be saved to the SharePoint documents. The latest workflow service known as “Workflow Manager” in SharePoint 2013 that performs a central role in the organization however it can be created and managed on Windows Workflow Foundation.

Workflow Manager as a SharePoint Server 2013

A new service in SharePoint 2013 is called Workflow manager which is planned to perform central role in enterprise however workflow created by workflow manager can leverage the capabilities of some additional enterprise features such as High Density and Multi- Tenancy, Activity/ workflow Management, Tracking and Monitoring, Instance Management, and fully Declarative Authoring.

Additionally a new plan which is known as SharePoint 2013 Workflow Platform designed, by SharePoint creator 2013, especially for Workflow Managers which facilitates new functionalities like,

  • Capability of Visual Workflows development by Visio 2013 add-in.
  • Within a workflow No-code web service calls triggered by new action.
  • Generate task and start a process separately.
  • Management between SharePoint 2010 workflow platform and 2013 workflow platform which facilitates producing a workflow regardless of platform tendency.

Microsoft also provides two resources to create and install workflow templates for SharePoint which are set into Visual Studio 2012. The designer of SharePoint 2013 has strong inbuilt tools to mechanize the business process with its workflow designer.

Essentially Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 can restructure document collaboration with the workflow it gives. We at Bitscape facilitate the SharePoint workflow solution which allows any enterprise to enhance its productivity. We recommend you the workflow integrated with Microsoft products like, Outlook, Content Management Server and SharePoint by which you can manage our personal tasks. With Bitscape’s SharePoint workflow solutions you can easily get control on the life cycle of your documents.

Collaboration SharePoint 2013

Bitscape’s SharePoint server 2013 has some unique features which facilitates your enterprise social computing and collaboration easier. There are some features of social computing such as social networking tools like my sites, social content technologies such as blogs etc. which are creating a wonderful focus on SharePoint collaboration. With all these features users can easily capture and share the knowledge and a skill which is needed to complete their work. These are the most valuable sharing of information which promotes collaboration, progresses innovation and targets relevant content to the public who have to perceive it.

The features of social computing and collaboration in SharePoint server 2013 are manufactured upon a record of properties that integrates information about people from many kinds of business application and directory services.

SharePoint 2013 contains innovative collaboration features like Community Sites and microblogging, which allow workers to interact with one another based on shared interest instead of just as they  work in the same department or on the same project. SharePoint carries the sites, document and other information which users concern about and assists them share what they know easily.

When employees start using microblogging, news feeds, tagging features and some other features it creates their participation in the conversation better and more meaningful. New work related ideas can be simply and liberally exchanged, discussion can be formed for the tasks based on shared information.

Features of Collaboration SharePoint 2013

The features of collaboration SharePoint on community sites, My sites and team sites in SharePoint 2013 make it easy for users to find and connect with the people and content that matter to make their work better and to share information and ideas.

  • MY Sites and team sites in SharePoint Server 2013
    • The interactive newsfeed on My site and team sites can help users to keep updated with other people through real-time microblogging message and status updates. With My Site has a unique act like it acts as a central location where users can follow their tasks and access the document and information.
  • Community Site features in SharePoint 2013
    • People can use the community sites where they can find and share information and ideas, find people with similar interest and knowledge and build status. Enterprise users can use SharePoint site and list directly to expand Community Site features as the Community Site features does not expose specifically.

SharePoint 2013 has a big ambition to create advance product both on social platform as well as a content management environment.

Four Key Investment areas

The latest version of SharePoint 2013 is the result to current IT trends. Microsoft is most early adopter than an innovator in this context. Cloud services and the usage of mobile end devices are already common practice. Microsoft brings such trends with SharePoint 2013, focusing on four key investment areas:

  • Cloud readiness: the structural design was geared to proficient interaction within and with the cloud.
  • Social Collaboration: utilities for modern forms of collaboration were provided.
  • Mobile Devices: collaboration while using mobile end devices is supported.
  • Web content management: the main focus will be on the efficient provision and user friendly presentation of contents in the intranet and internet.

With Microsoft Bitscape is bringing systematic basic SharePoint functions, so that the from the users perspective SharePoint 2013 is more evolutionary.